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Sunday, February 08, 2009

SoCal Bloggers



Southern California truly does have it all. You didn't expect modesty from someone who lives within driving distance of Tinseltown did you? Guess what other truly awesome and tremendous thing we have? People who read romance novels and blog about them. Right here in rainy er...sunny umm... no it's *checking outside again* rainy Southern California. I am so fortunate to be acquainted with a group of fantastic chicks that we affectionately refer to as the SoCal Bloggers.

It's here! Today's the day. Sometime around 1 PM today we will be gathering together. Including myself there will be 12 women who have met just because we love books, romance novels in particular. We are a broad cross section in culture, age, and politics. We are married and single, parents and non-parents, tall and not tall, some of us wear capes, but at the end of the day we have a couple of striking things in common. Books and blogging. It's incredible. It's inspiring. It's a huge amount of fun.

The last time we tried to meet up was highlighted by a huge fire storm which resulted in a sleep over at my house. This time we seem to have invited a deluge as it has been raining for two days. I guess epic things happen when we decide to join forces.

Our group grows each time we meet. It's exciting and humbling. Later today I will be meeting Blanche, Thea, and Renee for the first time. At this rate we'll be needing a reception hall to meet. Doesn't that just boggle the mind?

My point? Don't wait. If you've been thinking about getting a group together in your area. Just do it. As much fun as you think it will be? It's MORE fun than that.

Here's the group who will be getting together today:

Lisabea (honorary visitor this month)



Blogger Marg said...

Have a great time at your get together.

1:10 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

Last time I was evacuated because of the fire. This time, my roof is leaking.


Oh well, the leak is at least above our front door (where we have tile!) and not, say, above our bed.

So Rowena is a no show? I know she was firmly in the "maybe" category......

7:01 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Marg, thanks Marg... it should be fun.

Wendy, you've got to be kidding. No mud on the burned out hillside I hope?

I've had no word from Rowena, so I'm guessing still a 'maybe' with a not likely thrown in.

8:25 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

Rosie: As far as I know they haven't done evacuations, so I'm thinking the hillsides are holding. Luckily, where we aren't isn't under threat of mud - so if they did do an evac it wouldn't effect us......

9:29 AM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

LOL - From the Desert to the Sea... no question who you grew up watching, is there? And I date myself, too, in catching the reference.

See ya in a couple hours!

9:39 AM PST  
Blogger JenB said...

*green with envy*

I expect full reports from everyone, and hopefully some incriminating photos as well.

4:52 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

JenB, it's obscene how much fun we have.

6:20 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

I swear I'm going to make you video blog next time!! Kristie, Ames, Nath and I are jealous!! We think it's time to see if we can get together again.


9:31 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

CindyS, videoblog? I'm lucky I get pictures taken, and in this case GG was there to take them. Whew!

6:30 AM PST  

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