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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tell the truth now...

Have you ever had your reader just jammed full of posts to catch up on? You sit yourself down, gird your loins determined to catch up with your nearest, dearest and faves.

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Scrolling through all those fabulous posts skimming reading you find that some lovely person has dropped in a fantastic picture, or cartoon, or maybe a snappy one liner in their post. Blissfully brief. To the point. You find yourself smiling, sighing in relief and moving on to the next post.

Yeah, baby. Posts happen.

BTW, have I ever told you about my childhood crush on this guy?



Blogger Tracy said...

LOL - childhood crush? lol That's fabulous. My oldest cut my youngests hair just like that - only way shorter because she got something stuck in it. The oldest didn't want to get into trouble for putting in her hair in the first place so she cut it right to her head. Now that it's growing out my youngest looks like that picture! lol

10:19 AM PST  
Blogger sula said...

YES! Like right now as I am back from a long day of school and work and having missed a day or so of reading the blogs. Skim, skim, skim. heh.

6:32 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Tracy, as a military brat when we lived in Japan we would go to the Saturday matinees and see old LITTLE RASCAL reruns and I remember wishing some boy would sing I'm in the mood for love... like Alfalfa sang to Darla. *swoon*

sula, I took a couple of days off from blog hopping and am up to 125 in my reader...again!

3:59 PM PST  

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