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Monday, April 20, 2009

Reading Binge

I'm captivated by Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Will be back when I come up for air.

Great weekend with my sister and the Stair Steps. Always chaotic and fun. GG and Shmoo had a great time camping. GG had a run in with a tree branch...

Do brown eggs come from brown chickens? Do white eggs come from white chickens? My sister, WarriorM, sez they do. S'rsly?

Sure I could look it up on google, but that would be easy.



Blogger ~ames~ said...

They do. I took an ag course or two in university. :P

Glad you had a nice weekend and I'm THRILLED you're finally reading Mercy's book. They're great books.

7:06 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

LOL, I second Ames' comment!! So glad that you're enjoying the Mercy Thompson series!! :)

Glad that you had a nice week-end with your family :)

11:14 AM PDT  
Blogger WarriorM said...

It was so great being with you! I had such an awesome time and I really needed to get out of here for awhile!

The egg thing is TOTALLY true!:-)

Love you lots!

1:11 PM PDT  
Blogger Tracy said...

So glad you had some good family/sister time. I love it when I get it!

You crack me up with the egg question! And I have no idea - go with Ames! :)

{{big hug}}

1:21 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Ames, pffffft! Really??? That means by baby sister is right and I don't know if I can publicly admit that or not.

Nath, are you seconding Ames comment on Mercy or the chicken eggs? :P

Warrior M, of course you are going to say the egg thing is totally true...you said to begin with. Therefore, your vote is 'VOID'.

Tracy, sister time is always fun. We need more egg votes. I refuse to look it up and find out my seeesteer is right.

5:58 PM PDT  
Blogger Luann said...

I've had brown, red, white, and black chickens - they all laid white eggs. I was always told that the different colored eggs come from what the chickens eat. More grass - more green. I am curious enough now that I'm going to look it up somewhere though.

6:06 AM PDT  
Blogger ~ames~ said...

Ok, I looked it up cuz I wanted to be sure.

It depends on the breed mostly.

7:18 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

I second her comment on the Mercy Thompson :) LOL, glad that you're reading it :)

10:30 AM PDT  

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