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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blame Kati

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL is hardly going to make the American Film Institute (AFI) 100 Years 100 Movies list or any other discriminating "top" list for that matter. However, after reading Kati's recent post about words and phrases that creep into our every day speech from TV it reminded me of how my family goes through phases of quoting lines from movies ad nauseum.

Currently it's Aldous Snow from FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. He's a pretty popular fellow in our household. Shmoo has even put his GPS to the British guy so he can try and copy Aldous' accent. They aren't even close so he alternates with the Aussie guy. *eye roll* He demonstrates his endeavors frequently trying to convince us he "has it down".

Anyway, after reading Kati's post I went searching for Aldous-isms. Lucky, lucky you. Here's some faves...

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Blogger CindyS said...

I have to say I have a wee bit of a crush on this stand up comedian guy. I laugh so hard my insides hurt - I think he was also in - hmmm, Bedtime Stories I think. I'd love to see his stand up.


7:52 AM PDT  
Anonymous Lusty Reader said...

oh my gosh i just ADORE this movie, love love love it. can't stand russel brand the actor but he was HILARIOUS here. especially the scene about the horrible cell phone movie. "How could a mobile phone kill someone? like, "Hello?" *choking sound, head drops, eyes close*

ugh that scene KILLS me every time, and Kristin Bell trying to defend herself. ugh, just love.

also when she accuses pete of not doing anything, just sitting around in his sweat pants and it cuts to scenes of him pretending to be a bridge keeper or something and he's all, "Thou shall not pass!" with a stick.

i must watch it again soon!

1:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Cindy, no crush here but I have to say Russell Brand sure entertained me in this movie.

Lusty, I'd never heard of the guy before this movie, but he was very funny here and his rendition of this script and dialogue has contributed mightily to the conversation in our household.

7:53 AM PDT  

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