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Saturday, October 03, 2009

September 2009 Reading List

I never know what's going to prompt me to review a book. But review this one I did.
My Grade = B-


I posted how much this book gobsmacked me when I read it. I also mentioned it should be read as more than an erotic adventure. To me this was about accepting yourself and surrendering to it to be the "best" you.

It takes time to let go of other people's perceptions and to really dig deep and look at yourself honestly. That's the journey the characters in this book are in. Some willingly, some not. I really dig the whole idea of the Handmaiden on that level. That each Handmaiden was not just a "fixer" but was open to discovery as well just really rang my bells.
My Grade = A-

Did you ever read a book and it had so many elements you loved and yet you can't put your finger on why you don't absolutely love it? That pretty much sums up my reading of this book. As a fan of westerns I wanted to love this book, not just like it. Rachel Bailey and Wyatt Cooper as the H/H are wonderfully drawn, but not enough to save this from being an average read for me.
My Grade = C

I reviewed this one too.
My Grade = B+

DARK SLAYER by Christine Feehan
I don't know how many books this is in Ms. Feehan's "dark" series. It's a lot though. While I continue to be a fan, particularly of the Ghost Walker series, this book just didn't work for me. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after I wrote about reading this book.

Carpathians and survivors, Ivory Malinov and Razvan of the Dragonseeker clan were both tortured by the same powerfully evil mage, Xavier. When Razvan excapes and Ivory finds him they realize they are lifemates. Filled with chants and phrases from the Carpathian language, a hybrid Ms. Feehan has made up, I was taken out of the story and pretty much skipped or skimmed those passages. They read and felt forced and contrived.

Now full of lore and language, the dark series has less and less appeal for me. With other irons in the fire, I don't know why Ms. Feehan can't wind this series up and lay it to rest.
My Grade = C-

OBSIDIAN PREY by Jayne Castle
The paranormal pseudonym of Jayne Anne Krentz aka Amanda Quick. This is another visit to Harmony an earth-like planet where people moved to when a "curtain" in space was opened. The curtain closed as abruptly as it opened and stranded the people on it. Without the trade or tech support of earth it's taken Harmony a couple hundred years just to get back to 21st century earth standards. In the meantime they've discovered quite a number of people have psychic powers.

I've read a couple of the previous Harmony books and have a couple more in my tbr. This one is a current release and I quite enjoyed it. When Ms. Castle is "on" with her dialogue no one does it better.
My Grade = B

Alpha & Omega Series by Patricia Briggs
When I reviewed this series I noted how important the reading order is.
My Grade for novella, Book 1 & 2 = A-

Jacob's Faith & Aiden's Charity by Lora Leigh
Admit it you've missed my monthly inclusion of an LL book. I purchased these two books back in 2003 at Ellora's Cave. Actually I won a print copy of JACOB'S FAITH from Ms. Leigh's forum way back then. Anyway after reading Briggs I had a hankering for more wolves so I read these. No where near as subtle, nuanced or layered as Ms. Briggs books, I still enjoyed them for what they are. I still think her whole story line of the Breeds is an interesting one and has so much yet to be explored.
My Grade = C

Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks
This was just not my cuppa. In fact in retrospect as I think about these two characters I can't remember a single thing I liked about them.
My Grade = C-

Wicked Burn by Beth Kery
When this originally came out I remember hearing good buzz, but when I'd pick it up in the store I was always put off when I read the back blurb. Sometimes when the characters are too urbane or sophisticated I can be put off. Anyway, gave it a try cuz I picked it up in our book swap with SoCal bloggers. Very nice surprise.
My Grade = B

Tucker's Claim by Sarah McCarty
This is the third book in the Hell's Eight series. While not the caliber of her early PROMISE books, I know I will be continuing with these books. This is a western classic tale which was done to perfection in ANGEL AND THE BADMAN (1947) with John Wayne. She's a Quaker, he's a gunfighter. There a natural conflict right there, a conflict I didn't feel Ms. McCarty quite captured.
My Grade = B-/C+

Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas
Back with the Hathaways. I read a few reviews of this book where the reader didn't much like Poppy or Harry. I did. Yes, he's quite the cool customer, but I completely bought that the very uniqueness of Poppy is what attracted Harry's quick mind. We all need a soft place to land.
My Grade = B+

The Lone Texan by Jodi Thomas
This was a Whispering Mountain for all of you JT fans. Man I was bummed about this book. The last third sort of saved it for me, but I just didn't buy Sage's character. She was a little too modern in her thinking, attitude and manner for me. Not a horrible book, but not what I was hoping for with Drummond Roak and Sage as central characters.
My Grade = C+



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Ouch, sounds like September was a bummer month except for the Briggs books!!

I'm off to see if October was better :D

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