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Friday, August 06, 2010

Final Thoughts - RWA

I'm home. I'm back in my routine and have had the last five days to sort through another whirlwind trip to RWA.

Each time I've gone to the conference the night before I leave, as I finish packing for the trip, I'm always swamped with anxiety. Why am I going? Does anyone REALLY care that I'm there? Will anyone remember me? True story, just ask GG.

As has been discussed on many other blogs and forums in the past, there are both pros and cons to attending this national conference for romance writers. However, at the end of the day, for a person who does not intend to write a book, like myself, one has to decide why they would use their vacation time, money and make all that effort into going to this (or any other) conference.

More and more each year it becomes about seeing friends. Each time I've gone I've met more readers and made more friends in the romance reading world, with a few authors too. This year was no exception.

Five years ago this week (August 4, 2005) I began this little blog. If you would have told me then that I would attend an RWA conference, let alone three of them now, or that I would be making the friends I have and meeting up with a blogging group several times a year, I would NEVER have believed it. Yet here I am... Surreal doesn't even begin to cover it.

So, final impressions and thoughts of Orlando?

Sultry, swamping heat

Sherry Thomas asking me to talk to a lady at her table at the Literacy Signing about how fantastic HIS AT NIGHT is. Who knew people came to shop at the literacy signing?

Some of the most amazing FMPs I've ever seen on women of all sizes and ages.

Kristie(j)'s laugh. Especially when she's making reading lists for SL Wendy.

Chicken, chicken and more...chicken.

LB Gregg in her writing sweater, propped up in bed, munching fruit, hunched over her laptop and muttering, "But what's it about????"

Women--authors, readers, bloggers all gathered at the Cabana Bar talking about books and men.

Women shaking hands and introducing themselves.

Everything you have ever heard about how nice author Jill Shalvis is? So true! Such a nice, nice lady. She's the one person I kept running into everywhere at the conference and then on the plane coming home.

Photo booth on the Boardwalk.

SL Wendy's blue dress for the RITA dinner.

Sharing anecdotes and book commentary with Aztec Lady at RITAs and weeping together at some of the acceptance speeches.

Dancing with LB at the Harlequin party. We'll always have Orlando, and DC, and San Francisco...

Drinks in the Swan Lobby and almost every other watering hole on the property.

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Blogger Kim in Hawaii said...

Thanks, Rosie, for the final recap! I agree with your observatin, "Chicken, chicken, and more chicken" (I noted that on the feedback form).

Indeed, RWA is a fun place to connect with friends (readers, bloggers, and authors) and meet new ones!

I'll probably be the last to blog about RWA as I am waiting for my books to arrive as I will give most away to my blog readers. It would seem that they are taking a leisure cruise across the Pacific in true Hawaiian mode.

Looking forward to seeing you next year in NYC - I'm not leaving the island until then!

6:46 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kim, first I have to congratulate you for getting through that post with the spacing issues. Dunno what I did wrong when I posted it, but I think I have it fixed now.

I haven't done my feedback form yet. Maybe tomorrow.

So, NYC... are you really going to go all that way? I don't know what I'm going to do. We have a big family vacation planned for next year. I won't decide until after the first of the year.

11:02 PM PDT  
Blogger azteclady said...

I miss you! *sob*

:grin: but it was sooo cool to see you again!

5:59 AM PDT  
Blogger lbgregg said...

I remember Carolyn Jewel and you chatting at the donut party.

And the two of us cramming into the photo booth. I know you thought I was nuts.

8:19 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

And the dress makes quite an impression so it seems.....

I'll remember your fangirl-y response when you read a certain e-mail from a certain author on your Blackberry. Too cute for words!

10:07 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

AL, start saving for NYC!

LB, I just adore Carolyn Jewel, big news there huh?

Wen, ummm... a little over the top? I'm always so amazed when people are nice.

10:33 AM PDT  
Blogger azteclady said...

Trust me, I'm already saving for NYC--and plotting.

(How about an off-site hotel--cheaper than convention hotel--and wheeled backpacks/suitcases for the loot, plus lunch boxes--also cheaper than convention hotel food--for a group of like-minded people? If enough of us get organized in time (say, a dozen or ten) perhaps we could even negotiate something with a smaller hotel nearby...)

[or perhaps I'm dreaming]

12:51 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



2:22 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Sounds like you had a great time Rosie :D and I'm so happy for you!!

LOL, I know. It's nerve-racking to go to a conference where you don't really know the people... however, it's really worth it imo :)

8:19 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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