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Monday, October 03, 2005

Soft Core?

Cute E-mo (no more) kid

So cute E-mo kid informs me he is no longer E-mo. He is now really "soft-core". Huh? What the heck is soft-core? When I googled a request for "soft-core music definition" I got a dictionary explanation of what soft core porn is. Yeah...that made me feel warm and fuzzy.

In the mean time I go hunting for E-mo kid...er, um...soft core kid's picture file and see picture of he and his girlfriend taken with our digital camera at her house. They are laying down together, clothed and kissing. If the picture weren't so innocent and sweet (no tongue, Thank God!) I'd be worried. But, sheesh, have times changed so much that kids take pictures of themselves kissing? TMI thank you very much. Besides, where was her Mom? I thought her Mom was home the whole time he was over there. Yeah...more warm and fuzzies going on now. BTW, did I mention he is 15 years old and she is 14!!!

Any how, he got a little bent because I went into his picture folder on MY computer. Yeah...warm and fuzzies to the 3rd power. We had a little fireside chat about how the computer does belong to ME and is shared by family members...shared being the operative word. Oh yeah, privacy is a privilege, not a right, so get over me copping a photo to load on to my blog. He's over it...sort of...not happy, but not arguing either. I think he's just relieved I didn't put the picture of he and sweet little girlfriend kissing on my page...yet!

So now that I know he is soft-core, I have to figure out what that means. I can barely stand the excitement of listening to the newest batch of music and looking at the newest batch of sites and probably being scarred (yes you read that right SCARRED) for life by what interests my child.

Tonight he asked me to check out AIDEN's web site. Yes...you got it another hair ball called the warm and fuzzies to swallow. Remember my graditude attitude? I said my boys stretched my limits? Yeah, well consider me stretched, and stretched and Ssssss-tttttt---rrrrrr---eeee-chchchch---edededed! Call me Gumby, damn it! I'm stretched, alright!!

The only upside is that he and his brother are still asking me to look at the web sites and listen to the music. Now if I can only survive the experience without packing their bags and sending them to military school or several sessions with a therapist, we may all get on with our lives in peace and harmony.

Wait, never mind...why should they get to talk about themselves for an hour on my dime with a therapist? I'LL GO!!!!

By the way, soft-core kid says Aiden isn't soft core. Huh? Now what?!!!

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Blogger MaryMary said...

The ADD hit again because I was getting ready to comment on your post and got sidetracked with the Aiden site. Before you know it, I was talking to Craig about something, munching on chips and writing my own post. Then I saw your comment and thought, "shit", I was going to comment on E-mo...er...Shmoo...uh...soft core.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, I'm a little shocked and scandalized that Clayton was kissing someone. I can remember changing his diapers and carrying him around for chris'sakes. He's not supposed to want to kiss girls yet! He's still supposed to think they're icky!!!

He's a great kid, as is Cole. When you think about MY teen years, you should thank your lucky stars you got those two gems!!

6:04 PM PDT  
Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

oh my god, he's soooo adorable!

9:19 AM PDT  
Blogger Anonymous City Girl said...

and the only "soft-core" I know id porn.

9:19 AM PDT  

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