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Monday, October 03, 2005

Sunday Update on Monday Morning...

Not much to report. Had a good week food wise. Only a so-so week walking/moving wise. Sometimes my schedule is a bitch.

On the other hand, the guy I live with had a great marathon. Of course, we live by the adage, "Any race you finish is a good race!"

Having said that, he did a 4h24m race which equates to about 10 minutes and 4 seconds per mile for his marathon (which is 26.2 miles). Even though he and my brother ran their own race and were separated for lots of it, they hooked up near the end and finished together.

Like I said before, it is always awe inspiring to see all the people of all sizes, colors, and shapes in the race. St. George was HOT for a marathon, but our guys did great.

Oh yeah, I can't forget my graditude attitude. Hmmm...what am I grateful for? I am grateful and thankful for my two children. Not just because I'm glad to be a Mom, in the sappy sentimental sense women frequently identify with. I'm grateful for my sons because they challenge me to think outside the box, to be more, go outside my comfort zone, and try to see the world from a younger and broader perspective.

I frequently don't like it, in fact, I usually hate it. But in order to be a part of their life beyond the person who sets their curfew and makes sure they eat right, I have to try to understand more and accept more...of their humor, music, movies, politics, clothes, hair, *gulp* girlfriends.

My boys were on their own this weekend while their Dad and I were gone. They had some small screw ups. Loving someone just the way they are is hard! Loving your child and not trying to change them into what you think they should, or could, be is VERY hard. So I'm grateful that recognizing I'm not perfect, and neither are they, hasn't killed us or our relationship...and I don't think that is a small thing.

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