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Saturday, October 08, 2005

I'm NOT a good patient.

I have a cold. And while I can honestly admit that I frequently fantasize about a quiet day alone at home in my jammies with nothing to do but read, I am not sneezing, snorting and foaming at the mouth in my fantasy. Being sick sucks!

When I don't feel well I'm cranky, crabby, rude and impatient. I've never quite gotten down the quietly suffering and not making anyone else miserable routine. Most times I have the best of intentions, but yeah...I whine, complain, and wank on about how crappy I feel. It does clear a room fairly quickly and my kids hide around corners and tip toe past my bedroom door. The guy I live with generally indulges me and tells me I'm not being that bad...but he wants to have sex again sometime in the near future and he'll say anything to keep that going.

So I'm really getting into my groove and working up a good case of the "feel sorry for myself" and I go online to look for a cartoon image to put in my blog. Yeah, I googled "cartoons of sick people" . Oh, I got cartoons alright, but you also get images of real people who are sick.

I think I found a cure for the "oh woe is me". Look at pictures of people who are undergoing treatment for cancer, aids, starvation...especially kids. Man, did I feel like a schmuck yammering on about my cold!

I'm realistic though. I doubt my family has suffered through the last time I will be a soggy heap of whining humanity when I'm sick. And God knows I'm not perfect, so I can't say for a certainty that next time I'm under the weather I'll remember those images. But, maybe today I'll be a little less grumpy with those I love...on the other hand...a little TLC wouldn't be completely out of question would it?



Blogger MaryMary said...

Oh, I wish I was there to take care of you! I'm good at pampering sisters! I hope you feel better soon. If my hunch is right, I'm sure the guy you live with is taking good care of you!

If it was possible to email hugs, kisses and chicken soup, I'd be doing that right now, you poor dear!

10:27 AM PDT  

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