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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lots of Stuff...

Have you ever been in a situation where your employer keeps offering you a promotion to a job that while you are flattered to be asked, you really don't want the job? It's been happening to me for a couple of months now. It actually began when I turned in the ill fated two week notice and got sucked back into my original job, albeit with a lot more money.

As for the promotion, I have emailed, phoned and had face to face conversations being as polite and firm as I can refusing. I've finally gotten blunt. It's heady stuff that ego boosting "we can't do it without you" pitch. But I think they finally know I really, really, NO REALLY don't want the job. In fact, I'm holding on to my original agreement to leave in another 5 months (of the 6 month term I agreed to come back for).

You know I've had some tough employers, nice employers...all whom have given me great reviews and references, but I don't think I've ever had an employer seem so genuinely anxious to retain my services. Like I said...very heady stuff. Have to keep your eyes or your personal goals and ideals or you end up prostituting yourself for more money and hating your life. Okay I totally said that to remind myself of same. ; )

Next on the agenda...book news.
I'm pretty excited about some recent book purchases. First of all I'm a Lisa Kleypas fan and her latest
IT HAPPENED ONE AUTUMN was a fine read. I admit that I try to refrain from having too high expectations with authors I like because it never seems to fail that as soon as I get hyped they pen a real clunker. This was good though.

OTOH, I usually enjoy Christina Dodd's books and her latest which was a part of her governess series was, to borrow Karen's phrase, a real snooze fest. Bummer!

Off and on I read Erin McCarthy books which to date have pretty much fallen into the "okay" category. However, I really enjoyed
THE PREGNANCY TEST. For those of you who don't know, Erin won a writing contest put on by Lori Foster and that's how she started her publishing career.

Right now I'm anxious to read the second Lynn Viehl book in the Darkyn series,
PRIVATE DEMON. I'm anxious to see if she can continue the intrigue and uniqueness she created in the first book.

Lastly I just purchased Emma Holly's
COURTING MIDNIGHT. I've read Emma Holly books that I absolutely love and other's I've finished scratching my head and saying WTF? So I've got my fingers crossed on that one.

By the way since I know I haven't mentioned it before. I think Suzanne Brockmann did an awesome job with the Gina and Max story line in her last release
BREAKING POINT. If you go to the Amazon link it only show 3 1/2 stars with a lot of complaints about how she handled the age difference, etc. If you are a fan I think she did a great job. Most people would be conflicted if they were Max about the circumstances of their meeting. If you don't know the history and haven't read the book that set their story up I think you may have a problem with the book, but as a fan with high expectations, I thought she did a great job with their story line.

Don't be fooled by this paltry list. I've got a TBR pile that is shameful, but I just can't stop buying a new release that catches my fancy. I'm damn lucky I have such a generous book allowance and a very indulgent husbink.

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Blogger MaryMary said...

I can't believe people would complain about Brockmann's book!!!! I thought she did an awesome job with Gina and Max. I thought the whole scenario was plausible, but then again I've read their story from the start. I can't help but to get a bit peeved beicause I LOOOOOOVE her books so much!

On another note stick to your guns at work! I'm happy that you're getting the recognition you deserve, but I want you to be fullfilled in what you do. They ain't cuttin' it, Sis! I'm proud of you taking a stand and sticking to it! You go, Ro-Ro!

And yet another segue, I don't think Craig is giving me enough sympathy for my head injury! You need to beat him up for me, or at the very least feel sorry for me! ;-)

We got your packages yesterday and the boys were absolutley thrilled! Sawyer thought ALL the books were for him and was quite pissed when I told him otherwise. He's got that baby of the family attitude down!

7:47 AM PDT  
Blogger Karen Scott said...

I feel the same way about 'popular' authors like Teresa Medeiros and Lisa Kleypas. I know that my high expectations are unlikely to be fulfilled, so I pretty much avoid them.

I was just going through my TBR pile trying to sort out which books I want to read this weekend, and I discovered that although we were really busy in Florida, I still managed to make a nice dent in it. Ok it wasn't a dent, more like a pin-prick maybe *g*

9:49 AM PDT  

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