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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Writers Write

Once upon a forever ago, I took a correspondence writing class. While taking the class I discovered several things about myself. I don't take criticism well, one teacher's opinion does not have to change the way I write unless I let it, and best of all a piece of advice from Mr. Stephen King...writers write!

This gem was in a book where several best selling authors of the time were giving advice about writing or contributed pieces from classes they had given about writing.

Mr. King said some great things which have proven to be true in the
author interviews Karen Scott does on her blog site. When asked about advice or influences most authors tell budding young writers to stay true to their own voice, don't try to follow market trends and to write what they know.

Mr. King said most of those things, but most importantly he urged that if you want to truly be a writer then you should write, write, write...every day. He went on further to say that being a writer is not distinguished by someone publishing something you've written. Being a writer is distinguished by sitting your butt down and putting pen to paper...metaphorically speaking...and writing.

Besides learning that I don't take criticism well, I also realized that I like to write at a whim. I really didn't like the deadlines for assignments. Assuming anyone wanted what I'd written, I'd be horrible getting things in on time. While we hear authors complain all the time about deadlines, I really can't imagine its reality. I've had deadlines at work...lots of them especially when I worked in a law office. But everything in my work world has been so cut and dry there wasn't any genuine creativity called for.

So here I am looking at my blank page to write my blog and what pops into my mind? Stephen King's words. Writers write! For you bloggers out there in blogland...you are all writers. You certainly entertain me, and you write almost every day. I hardly ever watch TV any more...I'm snooping into your lives by reading your posts. Writers all...every one. Writers write indeed. Thank you!

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Blogger MaryMary said...

This post came at a good time for me because I'm blocked again. I just don't think much of what I have to say is all that interesting. So, on your and Stephen King's advice, I guess I'll just write.

11:12 AM PST  
Blogger Karen Scott said...

I couldn't be a writer, I totally lack the discipline, like you, I'd always be late with my submissions!

The thing is, I write my blog because I want to, but if somebody ever specifically asked me to, I'd have bloggers block everyday!

2:25 PM PST  

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