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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Imagine my surprise when I found myself hopelessly attracted to the the trailers of the latest Mission Impossible movie. Especially if one factors in how often over the last couple of years I've wanted to hit Tom Cruise with a mallet and yell, "Snap out of it!" TC aside I can honestly say alot of my interest in the flick was due to Philip Seymour Hoffman. I'm a great fan of his. Check him out in FLAWLESS. Wow!

Ummm...where was I...oh yeah M:i:3. So I was genuinely surprised at my interest in seeing the movie. OTOH, the testosterone brigade I live with had no hesitation or issues with Mr. Cruise and were hell bent on checking out the movie. So off we went on a Saturday night family outing to the movies.

The first thing to remember when I'm reviewing any sort of action, adventure or scary movie is that my preferred reading material are romances with HEAs. So keeping that in mind when I go to a movie I don't generally like being on the edge of my seat, scared or inundated with violence.

From the opening scenes the viewer is asking questions. Why is this happening? Who is that girl? WHAT is going on?!! The movie sort of takes off from there. M:i:3 has enough script to give it legs between action sequences. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a deliciously despicable bad guy. There are new IMF team members and Laurence Fishburne makes an interesting appearance as IMF Director. Ving Rhames returns to reprise his previous role in the franchise. All in all I have to say M:i:3 was like a good roller coaster ride. You never know what's around the next corner and some moments leave you breathless. In what I assure you is an unlikely and unusual occurence, all four of the members of my family really liked the movie.

So if you aren't too put off by Tom's obnoxious, sanctimonious, priggish, superior persona in real life and you like a good action flick, go see M:i:3. Philip Seymour Hoffman alone makes is worth the ticket price.

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

I must admit, I have ecvery intention of going to see this movie, TC's ridiculousness not withstanding

12:10 PM PDT  

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