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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sandal Season

So it's here once again. Warm weather and sandals. If you are reading this then you have been online long enough to have received one of the many funny and scary emails about feet and sandals.

Just so we are clear, I get a pedicure about every 10 days to two weeks. It is one of my self indulgent perks because I'm working. So in the spirit of the season and in celebration of some fabulously warm weather, I got a pedi on Saturday and did some sandal shopping on Sunday.

A sure sign you are getting older? None of the new styles appeal to you. Geez there a lot of ugly sandals out there! While I know there are all kinds of feet out there looking for the perfect sandal and comfy fit, I just gotta say again, there are some UG-LEEEE sandals out this season.

Okay, so I have a few requirements about the new sandals. They have to be brown to match an outfit I purchased. They can't have too much of a heal; and narrow is out...my feet are boney (arthritis) and wide. While I like something jazzy I don't mean put so much crap on the shoe that you need help to lift your foot. Is it so unreasonable to want a nice light weight sandal with some arch to it that doesn't have glitter, shells, fringe or charms dangling from them?

So, after much searching and deliberation I find the sandals. Brown, some beading on the toe split (my sons forbid from using the word "thong" when referring to footwear)arched and the foot surface is covered in a brown fabric. Yeah they sound ugly and plain, but they were cute. Only $20 too. Can't beat it, so I bought 'em.

Wore 'em today to work. I'm looking at them now sitting so beignly beside me. They turned out to be torture traps. In almost every possible way they hurt my feet. I'm wondering weather to burn them first or just chuck 'em!. Those puppies hurt my feet like a mother huncher. So bad that on my way to meet the guy I live with and my son for dinner tonight I stopped and bought another pair of sandals. Total impulse buy. These babies cost $37 but they feel awesome. Light weight. I swear after the torture of the first pair of sandals I could hear my feet sigh with each step "thank you, thank you, thank you..."

Not a great start to summer I have to say. Expensive too. Finding a black pair has to be easier...right?

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Anonymous Dawn said...

Hey there, Rosie. This is my 1st time visiting you. I came over from Karen Scott's blog.

I totally agree with you about the sandal thing and finding a great pair for the summer.

In fact, last night I hacked at my heels to soften them up, slathered on the moisturiser and socks, so now, I just have to varnish my toe nails - don't like naked nails to show through sandals.

6:00 AM PDT  

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