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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Day 14 TA-DAH!

Yippee skippy doo-dah day! I made it 14 days and I think I only missed posting one day. I refuse to go back and count and check because I'm feelin' pretty proud of myself right now...except for the flippin' cold I have.

I'm suspicious too. My sister in Montana was really sick last week and lost her voice. I don't know how she sent the germs, but I got 'em. I have one of those sniffy, sneezing, achy, I'm going to bed colds. Aaaa-choo!!!

I'm thinking this calls for a day at home in bed snuggled down with a good book. Right now that sounds soooooo appealing. I have Katie MacAllister's new one EVEN VAMPIRES GET THE BLUES. I just finished MEGAN'S MARK by Lora Leigh. I'll tell you about it tomorrow when I'm not so wasted on cold medicine.



Blogger Karen Scott said...

Woo hoo Rosie!! Well done!

1:10 AM PDT  
Blogger MaryMary said...

How the hell did you end up sick too? I still feel pretty crappy. On the up side, we've shown the house a few times in the last couple of days. I'm a bit stressed which probably explains why I can't kick this damn cold.

Also, I hate being this busy! I haven't had a chance to post since the 21st. That's so not like me. Hang in there, sicky! I just started Katie's book as well. I better hurry and get reading so we can compare notes! XO

8:17 PM PDT  

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