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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I Have This Friend...

I've been thinking about her a lot lately. Which is ironic because I had this post already written and was waiting to publish it when I read this post by Holly. She in turn has a link to another post. We are all thinking about people from our past. People who were, or are, very important to us. Both Holly and Moment happen to be thinking about first loves...for me it is a very dear friend.

She is the very best sort of friend. She and I can email or talk on the phone no matter how long a break we've had and take up where we left off as though the previous conversation or email had just been moments before.

Of course, she isn't perfect. While she faithfully reads this blog every day, and there isn't another living sole close to me who can claim that, she never comments. She emails, she calls, but never posts a comment. (Geez! What a pain in the a$$ you are sometimes!!) Not that commenting on a blog is her worst fault, it's just one I can discuss in a public forum. *G*

As I was saying, I've been thinking about her alot lately. Feeling like I owe her an apology. An apology for all the times I've been in a conversation discussing closest or best friends and made some remark stating that I have had all sorts of friends throughout my life, but I've never have had that one "special" best friend.

Then a couple of days ago I was looking at my blog stats and saw the little flag in Minnesota that tells me each day that my friend has visited my blog. This little red flag that has been there every day when not another person in the world, including my husband, was reading my blog.

Honest to God it hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe how completely dumb I'd been. Of course I have that one, true special best friend! She's been there for me for more than 25 years no matter what. When my Mom died, when my brother died...she's been there. How could I be so clueless and unappreciative?

I have many friends that are very dear to me to be sure. Friends I've shared many wonderful times and moments with over the years...and there isn't one I can do without or would trade. But this friend is special to me. You know why? Because with the exception of my sisters and my husband she is the only person I'm completely my down and dirty to the bone self.

I absolutely adore her! I can't imagine my life without her. We've cried together, fought together and we always laugh together. I get her and she gets me. Even the icky parts that most other people don't like about us.

So, this is for you dear Steadman. I love you to bits. Forgive me for not saying your name proudly every time I've been in a conversation about best friends. Can you feel me thinking about you? I think it's time for a visit.

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Blogger Holly said...

What a beautiful post! I'm so glad you have such a good friend, and that you've finally realized it *g*.

Wow, we really sparked something up with our "nostalgia" didn't we? LOL

8:11 AM PDT  
Blogger MaryMary said...

Aw!!! This post brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad you have Steadman in your life. I've got a couple myself and it's a pretty awesome thing.

2:28 PM PDT  
Blogger Lori said...

That's a great tribute to your friend. Feels good :)

11:23 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Holly: It wasn't so much I finally realized how dear she is. Steadman has always been dear. It's more like I realize how among a handful of important women in my life she stands alone.

MaryMary: I know you have some pretty special people in your life. But I figure I'm the lucky one because you are my sister AND my friend, and THAT is like winning the lottery called LIFE.

Lori: Yeah, you'd think such nice words would bring the wench out of lurk mode! *VBG* She did call me which is almost better since I got to hear her voice.

2:36 AM PDT  

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