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Monday, January 15, 2007

Busy Reading

I've been on a reading frenzy the past week. It all culminated with re-reading the PROMISE series by Sarah McCarty. I was putting some other books away and picked up PROMISES LINGER and that was all she wrote. It's probably the third or fourth time I've read these books and I am amazed at how much they still draw me in.

While I can't say all the books I've been reading have been as stellar, I have been enjoying reading and leading a more leisurely paced life. After today's holiday, both my sons are back in school and TGILW has been back to work and my official 2007 begins. So being able to enjoy the slower pace and read and sort of drift along for a couple of weeks has been wonderful.

Sadly, my blogging has been suffering terribly. While I have been out there surfing and reading and commenting I have had the blogging blahs. It's not that I don't want to write, I've just been uninspired. Usually I just let go with whatever I'm thinking. I must say things have come to a serious pass when I have to think about what it IS I'm thinking about. Sad, sorry and pitiful.

Truth be told, I just haven't wanted to do any book reviews. I've read some good books, and in the past couple of weeks I've read about 8 books. Nothing really captured my imagination though. It has inspired me to go through my TBR and see what is languishing there. For one thing everyone raves about the JD Robb books and I have all of them. I think I've only read the first three. I think I might start over and read them all back to back. Good idea? Bad idea?

Devonna said she lost her reading mo-jo...I've lost my blogging mo-jo. God knows what I'll post next.



Blogger The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said...

I have been reading like crazy too! It must be catch up time from all the time we were busy with the holidays, etc.

Oh, and whenever you feel bad about how much you have been blogging, or the lack there of - just go check out my page! See...I bet you feel better already. lol

11:29 AM PST  
Blogger Devonna said...

I think my blogging mojo is with my reading mojo. I hadn't blogged in over a week! I do have a few books that I'm excited to read, so hopefully my mojo is interested....

1:54 PM PST  
Blogger Mailyn said...

I'm on the fence with the whole reading and reviewing mojo. It seems I read and can't review or vice-versa. LOL.

2:29 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Jodi, I want to write but I feel like the well is empty right now. I hope it changes because the I enjoy the creative and intellectual stimulation of the process.

Devonna, you started this whole mojo thing. My writing mojo is AWOL. Hopefully it is just because of the break and if I keep at it I will get better.

Mailyn, maybe it's just the post holiday blues. Maybe?

12:24 PM PST  
Blogger Holly said...

My blogging mojo seems to be on a bob-and-weave pattern right now. It pops up unexpectedly then disappears again. Same with my reading mojo.

I would recommend reading the In Death series altogether, but I love it. Actually, I just did a re-read from start to finish and am only upset that I finished.

11:09 PM PST  

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