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Friday, January 19, 2007

Nora Roberts, Nora Roberts, Nora Roberts

Okay kiddies am I the last person on the planet to know that LIFETIME is showing four original movies based on four bestselling Nora Roberts' books beginning January 29th?

In case you didn't know either, here is the scoop. I was flipping through the TV the other night when I couldn't sleep and ran across a commercial promoting the event. If you go
here you can watch the trailers and learn all about it.

If you click on the tabs at the link I provided above, you can see who is starring in which film. Does anyone else think Heather Locklear is too old to play the part of Reese in ANGEL FALLS? Oh and if you click on Nora Roberts
tab you can hear Nora talk about each of the books and how she will be making her acting debut with a cameo in each film. Go Nora!

Now we just have to cross our fingers that they do the books justice. ANGEL FALLS was one of my favorite books of 2006. Is it too much to ask that they don't screw it up?

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Blogger Karen Scott said...

Even I knew that, and I live in England Rosie!

12:47 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Karen, you don't count 'cuz every knows YOU know EVERY thing!

2:17 PM PST  
Blogger Anne said...

I agree, Heather Locklear is WAY too old to play that part. I sure didn't picture her in that role. I guess I pictured someone like Rachel McAdams... but that's just me. And yes, I knew about this a while ago. Sorry, Rosie, that I didn't blog about it. *G*

3:26 PM PST  
Blogger Jennie said...

I had heard about these, but I didn't know the dates, so I'm glad I saw this!

I'm really hoping they're good. I agree Heather Locklear as Reece--uh uh. But I am excited about Montana Sky with John Corbet. He's one of my favorites.

4:01 PM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

Nope, you're not the last to know. I am. And is it awful of me to say that I don't even care? I'm wondering if this will be like when all of Danielle Steel's books became TV movies in the early 80's... Didn't Jaclyn Smith play all the heroines?

10:43 PM PST  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

I knew about it a long time ago but haven't got too excited about it yet because we don't get that channel and from what I've read, we won't be seeing them until around June or July. I'll start getting excited in May *g*. The one I'm most excited about (or I will be in May) is Carolina Moon. That was my favourite of all the ones they are making into movies. And Oliver Hudson - Yum!

And to Lori: I don't think they will be at all the same as the Danielle Steele. For one thing, Nora Roberts is a MUCH BETTER WRITER. Plus I think she has a lot of input into the movies.

8:28 AM PST  
Blogger scooper said...

I knew about it from tons of Lifetime emails, but I'm a bad girl. I've been reading romance for almost 20 years and I've yet to read Nora.

6:36 AM PST  
Blogger The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said...

I've never read Nora either. Every time I go to the bookstore, I see the Nora section and I ask myself "self, do you really want to do this?" There are just SOOOOOOOO many! I feel overwhelmed by it! Anyhow, I do plan to watch them on Lifetime...and yes, I have known about them for quite some time. :)

6:57 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Anne, I'm online all the time so how I missed this news...who knows?

Jennie, glad I could help.

Lori, no it's not awful to say you don't even care. I'm skeptical just because of who they've tapped to play Reese in ANGEL FALLS. It doesn't bode well. Since we watch HEROES and STUDIO 60 on Mondays I'll probably record them to watch later.

Kristie, I'm the most interested in CAROLING MOON as well as at least the actors seem age appropriate. And you make a good point about who the better writer is.

Scooper and Jodi, I can imagine if I'd never read NR I'd be a little overwhelmed by what book to choose too. I can highly recommend her recent single title HC release ANGEL FALLS. I really liked that book.

8:48 AM PST  

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