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Saturday, May 12, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

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1. I obsess over things. Not just like worry obsess either. When I was doing the Heritage Scrapbooks for Christmas last year I didn't read, I didn't blog, I didn't watch TV. I even lost weight. I couldn't think about anything else until they were done. Once the gifts were finished I was no longer interested in the project. I wanted to do a book for each of my sons. I have a book started for each of them and in five months since I finished the others I'm only half way through them.

2. I'm a foul mouth felon. However it seems to come and go like a virus. I go through long periods where nary a cuss word crosses my lips and then I kind of go on a binge of bad words. Said binge can last MONTHS.

3. Cuss words aside, I still think there is a place for kindness, consideration, manners and discretion.

4. I'm one of the people who is puzzled by people who are puzzled by virgins. I know I'm "older", and I've only had three lovers. I was a virgin until I was almost 23. I don't consider myself a prude, I went out, I dated, I partied, I was discriminating in who I wanted to share spit and other bodily fluids with. So, is it that weird for a woman to be a virgin at 23 or 25 or 30? Does it mean there's something wrong with her? I just never thought so. My sort of sticking point, no pun intended, was age 30-35. I figured by then one would have to try it just to get the curiousity factor out of the way.

5. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love my husband, but it amazes me every day how much I LIKE him and still enjoy having a conversation with him.

6. I've mentioned before that I make lists. I like lists. Lists are my friends. Even so before I started blogging I never kept track of the books I read. I have no record of literally of hundreds of books except my memory which seems to grow dimmer and kinder each year that goes by.

7. Favorite saying, "Inch by inch life's a cinch, yard by yard life is hard." My children have heard this hundreds of times. Imagine my surprise when I googled this so I could appropriately give credit for it and I found that the quote is actually, "Life is hard by the yard, but inch by inch, it's a cinch." The originator of the quote is unknown.

8. I sometimes wonder what happened to my professinal ambition. I know I used to have some, but in the last couple of years it seems to have taken a hike. I don't really know if it is a natural process of gaining perspective as I grow older or if the loss of close family members helped me to shift gears, but I really don't feel like I have to prove anything or make a certain amount of money any more. Mostly it's a relief, but I don't remember a crystalized moment it left. I just woke up one morning and realized it was gone.

I think just about everyone in our neck of the woods has done this. If you haven't...knock yourself out.



Blogger Wendy said...

I've never been puzzled by "older" virgins - just puzzled with the way some romance writers write about them. Women who wait are capable of having a clue. They've been through sex education. They have girlfriends. They've seen R-rated movies. They know the basics - that tab A goes into slot B. But some of these romance heroines? Geez. "You're going to put what, where?!" and "Will it fit?"

So I say kudos for you gals that waited. That knew what you wanted, and were willing to wait out the bad apples. Now if we could just get some of these romance writers on the same page.....

6:21 PM PDT  
Blogger Anne said...

*cheers* to you for remaining a virgin until YOU were ready. I don't have any problem with "older" virgins. I applaud them. Yay YOU, Rosie!

6:49 PM PDT  
Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

Your #2 made me laugh! I am right there with ya on that. It is like a virus!!

10:23 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, I'm so with you on women who wait having a clue. I had very explicit conversations with girlfriends before I ever had sex. It wasn't any grand plan to wait to a certain age before having sex. It was all about the right guy.

Anne, I wish more girls/women would wait. At least I liked the guys I've been with and didn't end up hating any of them. So no big applause please...trust me I wasn't that smart, just lucky.

Jodi, it makes it soooooo hard with my sons when they hear me cuss. My husband on the other hand hardly ever swears.

12:44 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

12:44 AM PDT  
Blogger Amie Stuart said...

LOL what Wendy said--discrimiating is good.

6:22 AM PDT  
Anonymous scooper said...

Yeah, I used to have a problem with every #*! word being a cuss word. It didn't help that I worked in a #*&! factory with almost all men. I quit to finish school last year and have stopped a lot of it. Make me mad, and it all comes back.

7:16 AM PDT  

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