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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Interviewing, Testing and Guests...OH MY!

Been busy interviewing and testing. Sheesh! Since the last time I went through this process I can't believe all the testing employers require these days. So far so good. My testing has been good enough to move on, but what a pain!

So with the job search on and Beanie having mono and Shmoo having problems with his eye from the accident, well I've been dang busy the last week or so.

On Friday my sister that lives in Georgia will be in town. She is out here on business and is making a quick overnight visit before she has to return home in time for Mother's Day.

Speaking of which, isn't it a bad sign when your husband reminds you that Mother's Day is on Sunday and wonders aloud if you want to do anything special? Or, your 20 year old son asks you the Wednesday before Mother's Day if there's anything you want him to buy you. Guess they'd be surprised if I said a vacation away from them. Which I'm going on the end of May. A week away to visit aforementioned sister from Georgia.

See, it all comes full circle. However in the end it means I'm not out here snooping at all your blog sites and my reading has slowed to a crawl.

On deck right now I'm reading Jaci Burton's WILD, WICKED & WANTON. It's dessert. A very rich, decadent, dessert. I have to agree with Jane's review that this would be a great beach read provided you don't squirm yourself right out of your swim suit. Yeah, seriously, that hot.

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Blogger Jenster said...

I've hardly been posting or bloghopping myself. Too much other stuff going on!

How is Shmoo's eye??

7:22 AM PDT  
Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

Oh, them boys...they never quite get the whole gift thing right...God love 'em!

Your last comment made me giggle. :)

9:41 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Jenster, yeah...busy that's the word for it. Although today has been a bit of a breather, but don't tell anyone!

Thanks for asking about Shmoo's eye. It's better, he will probably always have adjustment to light and dark and has a slight increased risk of glaucoma. We went back to the doctor because his pupil stays dialated pretty much all the time and it's been difficult in school adjusting for reading etc. The doctor says it will adjust on it's own once his brain catches up with the change. But, he's 17 and impatient. I'm just happy that other than that his eyesight is good. TMI? I get carried away talking about my kids.

Jodi, my comment in the post about the squirming out of a swim suit or the comment in previous post about being a FULL SERVICE stop here at Nobody Asked Me?

I just finished WILD, WANTON, AND WICKED. Be sure to have your SO nearby when reading... It's a perfect light sexy summer read.

11:34 AM PDT  

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