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Saturday, August 11, 2007

And another thing...

So the infamous Charter Communications and I had a sort of Waterloo yesterday afternoon. I got my bill without any adjustment for the intermittent internet service. Yep, that was a real shocker. Not. After four phone calls and two supervisors they agreed to credit one month's internet service off my bill. Thanks be. Finally.

The interesting part came when I asked how long this so called problem was going to continue. To which this nice gentleman, I'm calling him nice because he approved the credit, told me there was no intermittent service problem in my area. What? Crikeys! Didn't the guy listen to me for the last ten minutes while I ranted and demanded the credit adjustment he just made to my bill?

So the whole circus started again about the reason I wanted the credit in the first place. Finally somewhere during the two hours I was on the phone with Charter it was determined they needed to send someone out to my house to check and see what was going on. BTW, you didn't read that wrong...TWO HOURS I was on the phone with these people resolving one issue or another.

Amazingly, since I was threatening to request refunds and credits till the cows came home or my service was fixed, a work order was placed and we actually had two technicians out here live and in person last night.

As a result I got a new modem box, new wiring put in and a connection into the box into the house replaced that was loose. Wonder of wonders all the numbers (in and out...who knows what they mean) are now within normal range and I am once again moving around the internet without waiting 30 to 45 seconds for a page to load. Or not having any service at all. Anyway things seem to be working with the click of a mouse. You know, like it's supposed to.

You may wonder why I put up with all this and just didn't change servers. Well, as it turns out most of the servers in my area are in a growth period and there's a waiting list to get high speed internet service. Witness my neighbor who cancelled service in a nearby community and moved into the house across the street. No high speed internet. They are using dial up . They can't get service here from anybody...no room they say. Who knew? Not me. I only called one provider to check and it turns out they are laying cable as we speak, which does me no good today.

After talking about all the good stuff in my life yesterday I do feel a twinge for wanking and yammering on about the no good very bad internet company. So, here's some good stuff. Besides having a smoother ride on ye olde cyber highway I also got a great cost reduction on my TV cable for the next 12 months. So if the internet stays on...not that I'm a skeptic or anything...but if it stays on, then the two hours of my life I lost with CC are almost worth it. Almost.



Anonymous Sarah McCarty said...

Bless you for getting it resolved. I'm now up to the corporate level of issue resolution with Charter. I have been assigned a liasion who will get this fixed. We shall see Monday if it is effective. There's apparently a break down between who you talk to at the 800 number and the local people doing the work. We know where the problem is. However, the local office keeps closing the orders without doing any work, leaving the issues unresolved. *huge sigh*

The corporate person seems pretty emphatic that this can be resolved under her supervision. I remain skeptical. I advised her to stock up on alcohol and antacids. She doesn't seem to feel there's a need. I think she's going to find out the hard way. *wry grin* We shall see Monday.

5:23 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Sarah, since I went through a similar incident with them last year I had to constantly remind myself to be nice because my temper got seriously frayed several times.

I do have to say that for the first time ever when dealing with field techs from Charter the two young men that came last night seemed to really know what they were doing. And look, here it is morning and I still have internet without any problems.

So, my fingers are crossed for you that it finally gets resolved. Good luck!!

8:38 AM PDT  
Blogger Smart Socratics said...

Hi Rosie,
Wow, I've just caught up reading your blog and it seems I've missed a lot. I've not fallen off the face of the earth, just don't feel like blogging these days. Anyway...I hope your internet is really fixed. And, what a nice memory for you to have about your mom and her party. My mom's birthday is the 18th of this month and I haven't thought about it until now. This will be the 2nd birthday without her.I'm not sure how I'll feel on her day, but I will survive.


1:30 PM PDT  

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