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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'll take "Life" for $100 Alex

Beanie is working madly on a couple of papers for school. I've got a couple of extra curricular activities for work. GG is off (again!). Not that he doesn't deserve 5 weeks of vacation after 20 years, but I just started a job so...well you get my drift. Shmoo just found out he has to work on Thanksgiving. Hey I know turkey dinner isn't for everybody, but McDonald's on Thanksgiving?

The reading over the weekend was only 'meh'. Really not bad, but not great either. Of course I didn't read what I thought I would. Part of an anthology, an Erin McCarthy and an HH by Charlene Sands.

Unrelated other stuff:

I made Rice Krispie treats for the first time in probably years. Don't know why, just had a hankerin' for them. As an added bonus I melted chocolate chips with a dab of peanut butter and spread it over the top. I used to do that when I made them for my sibs once upon a forever ago. Were they ever yummy. Nice for a different treat. Beanie and Shmoo were so impressed with my improvisation.

GG's reading has been going like gang busters. He finished the Christine Feehan ghost walker book (book 1). He wanted a change of pace so I have him MATCH ME IF YOU CAN by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. He's getting a kick out of it. Go figure with him and the romance novels the past few months.

GF#1 is gone, gone, gone out of Shmoo's life. GF #2 still makes an occasional appearance, but now we have girls...probably about a half dozen...that call day and night and night and day. Did I mention they call ALL THE TIME? Oy! It's always something.

Gotta run. Big doings at work today and it takes me a few minutes to spackle and paint and make myself presentable. See you around the neighborhood. If I don't get back on the computer before Thanksgiving, everyone who is traveling, travel safe. Everyone who is cooking and having a houseful, have fun and don't get too fried or tired. And to all of you, have a wonderful, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving.

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Blogger Jodi_Lee said...

My husband reads romance, too!!! He kind of got hooked with the Lynn Viehl books. They have to have some action in them though. Hahaha!

Your treats sound DE-LISH!!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

8:52 AM PST  
Blogger Dev said...

I'm craving Rice Krispie treats now. Yummy! I haven't made them in a long time. I always add extra butter to mine so they're extra gooey.

9:07 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

Hope you have a nice thanksgiving, Rosie!! and GG is sooo lucky to have so many days off... think of me, who have no thanksgiving to celebrate :( and miam... rice krispies... you have to stop blogging about sweets, Rosie... cos you're giving me cravings!

1:16 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rosie!!

Why didn't my phone ring off the hook when I was a young hot'un? I think us girls are always chasing the boys ;)


5:38 PM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

Mmmmm, Rice Krispies treats (even better with PB and Chocolate). That's sounding pretty good right about now. That also just spawned a great idea for teacher treats for Christmas...

10:11 PM PST  
Blogger Sam said...

Have a Great Thanksgiving -
and too funny about the MacDonalds for Thanksgiving - LOL!!!

2:47 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Jodi, I think it's so fun when GG reads one of my books. I've never thought of the Lynn Viehl books because he's not much of a paranormal or sci-fi guy, but I really like 'em...maybe I'll suggest them next. You have a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Dev, can I just say I ate too many? I was craving them so much and they sure hit the spot. It must be the time of year with all the treats I'm craving. Think?

Nath, blogging about the treats is my way of going to food confession. :) It's good for my soul. While we are all celebrating Thanksgiving what are you going to be doing this weekend? Oh and GG spreads his vacay throughout the year. He's off for a week this time.

Cindy, if not overtly chasing boys we sure gave lots of subtle hints. You know like a sledge hammer up the side of the head. Most of the guys I liked were clueless. GG was the pursuer all the way and it was great. Although he was older and more seasoned at 27. He said he was one of the clueless ones in high school.

Becky, they were sooooo good. I ate 4! Not all at once but over a 24 hour period. I have another box of Rice Krispies (they were on sale) so I'll probably be making them again. Good thing I have Thanksgiving to distract me. Have a great Thanksgiving and give a hug to Jeff and the boys for us.

Sam, do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do the French eat turkey? This conversation sounds familiar. Have I asked you this already? Since I'm typing this Thanksgiving morning in the U.S. your Thanksgiving is already over. Hope it was a good one.

10:02 AM PST  

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