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Monday, December 03, 2007

And so it goes...and goes...and goes...

Pride goeth before a fall. SPLAT! Yep that's me face down.

One thing I pride myself on is being and staying organized. Partly because my brain really can't process too much confusion. I have a tendency, even in a crowd, to sort, collate, and file people, places and things. I just can't filter information any other way. This is a good thing for remembering stuff like people's names, phone numbers, addresses, stuff for work. In fact many times I've been so grateful to have this gift.

Another good thing about being organized is knowing where stuff is. I just don't lose stuff. Well, except for the eye glasses debacle which occurs on a fairly regular basis. I go looking frantically for my glasses searching the same regular spots over and over again only to have one of the men in my life remind me that they are on my face. Yeah...that's slightly humiliating. But for the most part I'm the person people see when they want to find something. At work or at home, I usually know where to find what you're looking for.

So a couple of days ago I posted my November reading list. Later that same day I was sorting, putting books away and getting stuff ready for a trip to the UBS when I realized two books I'd read in November were in the sort pile but hadn't been entered on my spread sheet. Worse yet, they were two books I had enjoyed. Now if you read my post you know that not much on that list delighted me. So you'd think a couple of books that I'd liked would stand out. (If it interests you the books were A GENTLE RAIN by Deborah Smith and ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT by Suzanne Brockmann. Both good solid reads.) Not only were they not on my spreadsheet, but I'd forgotten I'd read them.

Okay so this isn't the end of the world as we know it. But I have to tell you, it sort of freaked me out. I have a system for crying out loud. I'm organized. I know where stuff is. So (cue violins) is this the first sign I'm losing "it"? You know what I mean? Am I losing the sparkly sharp mind that remembers stuff? Have I started the transition to *gasp* the middle-aged muddled mind that doesn't remember simple things like where eyeglasses are?

In the name of clarity let me just say right here and right now, I don't like it. I don't like it AT ALL. The actual aging process doesn't bother me so much. Well, okay that's a lie. I really don't like losing hair, gray hair, age spots on my hands, wrinkles and dimming vision. However, I can live with it. I don't like it, but I can live with it. My brain though? Not so much.

Of course things could be worse. I could be like Kellie Pickler here. Thanks Zeek for bringing this to my attention. Believe it or not while I lament her ignorance it did make me feel better. I can't tell you how many times during adolescence I wished to be pretty instead of smart.* Thank God I grew up and changed my mind.

*Please remember I said smart. Not brainy. Not genius. Not brilliant. Just smart. The regular every day sort of smart where you get more A's than B's and no D's or F's. Not that you asked, I'm just sayin'.

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Blogger Wendy said...

I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. You probably just got distracted with all the Thanksgiving who-ha.

And I think most girls go through that, "I wish I was pretty and popular instead of...." phase. It takes a good strong woman to accept her strengths and to not sweat the "weaknesses."

4:36 PM PST  
Blogger Dev said...

I second what Wendy said. Between holidays, North and South, and reading ~~ you probably just got sidetracked. No biggie. Honest.

8:26 PM PST  
Blogger nath said...

Seriously, i don't think you're losing it, rosie. It happens to everyone to be a bit forgetful and it seems like your end of the month has been busy - thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, Christmas decorations and all that. LOL, if you think about it, I'm probably way more forgetful than you...

5:44 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, me hard on myself?

Dev, yeah I know I'm not REALLY worried. It was just so well, surprising. :)

Nath, I had to chuckle at what you wrote because you are soooo sweet. But I doubt you are more forgetful than me. If you were here I'd hug you.

6:32 AM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

You are not losing it, Rosie, trust me. I'm like that about my kid in Barnes & Noble, "Where;s Judah?!" (His arm is wrapped around my leg) They all look at me like I've lost it, lol.

I, too, am a very organized person with a 'system'...but when things get chaotic around the Holidays (or parades), or just before or after a vacation...I can very easily lose track of things. Happens to even the most brilliant minds. I take comfort knowing Einstein was notorious for this sort of thing. Had to have an assistant to remind him to eat, for gosh sakes.

8:24 AM PST  
Blogger Smart Socratics said...

All I want for Christmas is to not grow old.

10:00 AM PST  
Blogger Karen Scott said...

Nobody can be that stupid. I thought that was totally staged.

2:42 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Becky, oh, now you are talking about "Mom" moments. That's a whole other subject. I'm in good company anyway! :)

Sue, tell me how you make out and I'll put my order in for next year.

Karen, like I commented when Zeek posted this, who in their right mind wants to appear that d-u-m-b?

3:31 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

Hmmmm, is your hubby an organized kind of person?

Bob *used* to be uber-organized to the point that most people commented about how his home was 'sparsely' furnished.

Then he met me.

He fought my slobbish ways.

For years.

12 years married and I broke him. Thing is, I wasn't trying to break him! I'm the slob dangit!

Now I'm the one looking at piles of clothes on the floor of all the bedrooms (we only sleep in one!). At least I kept my pile on the side of the bed you couldn't see!

Anyways, maybe just maybe somebody's unorganized mojo (NOT MINE) got into you and messed you up for that split second.

So, it's either you were so busy there was no way you could keep all those balls in the air OR someone has messed with your mojo.

Again, would just like to say, wasn't me. I may have asked my Slob Cindy to take a hike but I at no point gave her directions to your house. But then she was in charge when the order came through ;)

You my friend are far from old! And on that note, I know I will not do plastic surgery because it's obvious and I'm all about aging gracefully but damn, why can't we age in the brain and keep our your hot bods forever!


10:23 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Cindy, seriously? Right now I'd like to adopt you. Slob Cindy unleashed huh. Gotta remember that one for GG.

As for plastic surgery I don't think I would have it done, but I have to admit that it is one of those things that's hard to know if you had enough money for a good surgeon and enough sense not to be ridiculous about it.

8:30 AM PST  

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