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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Relay for Life

This event is near and dear to my heart since I lost both my Mom and Nana to cancer. I've donated for many years and even walked a few years, but now Shmoo is participating by walking this year.

It's also made for quite a busy day. GG and I went to the opening ceremony this morning. We cheered for the group Shmoo is walking with and I admit I got a little weepy when the Survivors did their lap. It was just very moving.

Then we went shopping and have been getting the food ready to bring back over for dinner for the kids tonight. Shmoo is staying over night with his group. At least we get to go home after dinner. There are other parents staying with the 27 teenagers through the night. Yikes! Yeah, uh, I have to admit that I'd rather do food and sleep in my own bed, but kudos to those parents staying up with all those kids.

BTW, it's not too late to participate or donate. Go here and find the event near you. Or go here and donate online right now directly to the American Cancer Society.

So my weekend has already been pretty busy. I'm still hoping to get my April reads up later tonight and get caught up with everyone's posts for the past few days. Anything interesting going on?



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