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Thursday, July 03, 2008

May & June Reading List

I don't like clutter. I don't like it in my head and I sure don't like it in my house. So I decided to just put up my May & June reading lists so I can put these books away. Combined I think there's 14 books. Remember waaaay back in April when my monthly average was 15 to 20 per month? A family has one little graduation and everything goes to hell in a handbasket. Sheesh!

Looking over the lists a few things pop out at me. For one, I still have my TBR Review of MRS DREW PLAYS HER HAND by Carla Kelly in drafts. I'll be posting it this month for Keishon's Challenge. It was a very good book. In fact as I look at my May list I really don't see any stinkers in there. CL Wilson's second Tairen Soul book LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS was as enjoyable as her first book LORD OF THE FADING LANDS. I like fantasy, who knew?

THE WILD ROAD by Marjorie Liu that I read in June was a Dirk & Steele book. As always Ms. Liu doesn't follow a formula for her books and wrote from a bit different perspective this time. This was the ARC Wendy snagged for me, so don't look for it in stores yet.

SAM'S CREED is part of Sarah McCarty's Hell's Eight series. Ms. McCarty continues to bait the hook and keep us waiting for the next book to come out. BTW, she has the much anticipated Rev's book coming out in the Fall that's part of her Promise series. I may have mentioned a time or seven how much I love those books.

My reading has been all over the place and I'm reading at a snail's pace lately. I continue to blame it on Summer. Longer days filled with more stuff to do. How'd that happen? Thanks to everyone who commiserated with me. It was nice to know that I'm not the only one.

Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand by Carla Kelly A-
Well done. Review to come.

Wicked Pleasure by Lora Leigh C
Looking at the cover and skimming to refresh my memory the book isn't as good as my impression when I look at the cover. Weird, I know.

Running Wild by Sarah McCarty B
McCarty does wolfies. Intertwining anthology.

Baddest Bad Boys by Shannon McKenna/EC Sheedy/Kate Noble C
Anthology. I only read the McKenna.

Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole B+
Still loving this series. Loved the unapologetic Caden Wode. I might buddy review this with Nath. Right Nathie?

Lady of Light and Shadows by CL Wilson B+
I liked this book so much I ended up going back and skimming the first book again to refresh my memory for parts of it. I'm looking forward to the next one.

To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt B+
I liked this for having a strong heroine without making her out place to the time period.

Through the Veil by Shiloh Walker B
A good solid read. Interesting world and characters.

The Wild Road by Marjorie Liu B
Amazed by her world building and intertwining the gargoyles with the Dirk & Steele series.

Phantom of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love B-

Going Down by Vonna Harper B
Heavy erotic/bondage with a very realistic twist. Balanced commentary on the porn industry.

Sam's Creed by Sarah McCarty B
Again, a good solid read. Sexy cowboys who doesn't love those?

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn B
Well written. I think in a different mood this book might be an "A" read for me.

Homecoming by Jill Marie Landis C
I'm a fan of Ms. Landis westerns. The is an inspy western. Love the message but it's missing some deeper notes for me.

Let the Night Begin by Kathryn Smith B+
A bit better than the average vamp tale. Ms. Smith addresses some of the honest difficulties there are to immortality. She gets the "+" just for that.



Blogger nath said...

hi Rosie :D

well given that you were busy and had to scrapbook instead of read, you did good no? don't you think? and it's always hard to get back into rhythm after it's been disrupted.

question, question... was Phantom of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love good? I'm actually waiting for Joe and Tee story... wondering if they'll ever have one.

and LOL, let me know when you're not busy anymore... remember, Dark Desires after Dusk buddy review?

7:15 AM PDT  
Blogger Anne said...

No grades? I need grades to let me know whether I want to read them or not. LOL

What did you think of Sam's Creed? What was your verdict on Caine's Reckoning? I didn't see a grade for that one too. I like the Hell's Eight series. :-)

What about the Lora Leigh? I've seen mixed reviews on that one. And was the Kresley Cole as good as everyone says? :-)

10:15 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath I hope you got my email. Let's talk about the Kresley Cole review okay?

As for Phantom of the Night by Kenyon. Not bad, not great. Probably a B- to a C+ read. If you want details, let me know. Joe and Tee I take it your are referring to the Dirk & Steele series by Liu? Yeah, that wasn't WILD ROAD.

Anne, you know when I read your comment I remembered I was supposed to put grades for everything wasn't I? I'll go back and do that.

12:34 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

I got your email Rosie :D I'll reply to it right away :D but no, Joe and Tee aren't from the Dirke and Steele series... they're the ones running the BAD agency in Phantom of the nIght... I guess that means they don't really appear much in it LOL :)

5:19 AM PDT  

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