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Friday, August 01, 2008

July Reads

You should be shocked to be reading this. I'll be at RWA when this posts and the last few months I've been late with my list.

I'm shocked there are only 9 books. However, I'm resigning myself to the idea I'm not going to be reading 15-20 books a month any more. Well, at least not any time soon.

Dangerous Secrets by Lisa Marie Rice B+
Loved it.

In Bed with the Devil by Lorraine Heath B
Blogged about this early in the month. Good read if predictable plot.

A Soldier's Homecoming by Rachel Lee C-
Silhouette Romantic Suspense. Re-visiting Conard County was disappointing. Too predictable and the characters lacked emotional depth and motivation for their actions.

Death Angel by Linda Howard B+
Great characters although dark and unusual for a H/H. Subtle. Different. Unusual. Thought provoking.

Twilight Fall by Lynn Viehl B+
Still an amazing series. I loved Valentin & Liling for each understanding exactly who they are.

Not Another Bad Date by Rachel Gibson B
Just the light hearted contemp I needed to get me out of a reading stall.

Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich B-/C+
Pretend you don't see this one and DON'T point and laugh at me. I'm weak. I need help. Although this book was better than I expected and Stephanie admits she "loves two men".

Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann B+
I did a review of this one here.

Rescue Me anthology C
by Cherry Adair, Lora Leigh and Cindy Gerard
This is total escapism and steam. This would be a perfect beach read or something quick for a commuter ride.



Blogger nath said...

Great list!! I think i'm going to go buy a copy of Death Angel... :) and wow, your list is up before me!! unbelievable!! LOL :P

4:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath, yeah, I did it before I left because I knew I wouldn't get much reading done AND once I got back would have a lot to catch up on.

Unbelievable isn't it?

9:07 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Isn't it great that you can schedule the post? LOL :)

3:28 PM PDT  

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