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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Reading and Loving this...

Cry for Passion by Robin Schone

I haven't been in love with everything Ms. Schone has written by a far cry, but I'm really enjoying this one. It's one of her awakening to passion stories with some interesting twists. At least they have certainly engaged my interest.

It's a part of her Men and Women's Club series and by far the one I've enjoyed the most. It's trade sized and I know some of you don't like to buy trade, so I thought I'd give my copy away.

So, have you ever read a Robin Schone book? Do you want to? Post a comment on this post by 9 AM, Saturday, March 7, 2009, and I'll draw the name of one of you to send my gently read copy.

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Anonymous Maija from Finland said...

I haven't read any of her books yet, but I would really like to. I don't know where I have lived these past years, because I only heard of her a couple of days ago :/ And when I went to her website I noticed that she has many lovely books!!

1:59 AM PST  
Blogger sula said...

Oh yeah, Robin Schone was like the original erotica writer, at least imho. Back before it was cool. :)

I recall reading The Lady's Tutor back in my college years and being totally electrified at how daring it was. Wish I could remember where I put that one....

4:06 AM PST  
Blogger Jennifer B. said...

Ok, you caught me with your title and lured me with your comments. THEN you said this was part of the Men and Womens Club series and I stopped short. I didn't like the one in the Private Places anthology...so will I love or hate this one? I'm so game to try it.

5:19 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Hello, Maija from Finland! The first book I read by Robin Schone was MY LADY'S TUTOR. I actually heard about it online and then went looking for it. Ms. Schone's books are historicals and she frequently explores a woman's basic need to understand and enjoy her own sexuality.

sula, she was certainly the first I read where while sexually explicit there was a deeper and thought provoking story behind it. I loved MY LADY'S TUTOR.

Oh, and daring? Dude! It was off the hook at that time.

Jennifer, I've been hit or miss with Ms. Schone's recent releases too. This book is more reminiscent of MY LADY'S TUTOR and the heroine is only 33.

Wasn't it PRIVATE PLACES where her she has a 49-year old heroine? While this should be interesting in theory since I'm 54, reading about an older herione doesn't interest me too much. At least not in the types of stories Ms. Shone writes. Maybe I should be more evolved, but...sadly...I'm not.

6:26 AM PST  
Blogger Lori said...

She's been hit or miss for me lately as well. Gabriel's Woman made me sit up an say WOAH. Srsly. I would call that my first real erotica. But it's all been a little downhill since then. I'm glad to hear that this one is better.

8:42 AM PST  
Blogger Tracy said...

My friend Amy wrote a review for the re-read challenge of a Schone book and it sounded great. Unfortunately when I went to the bookstore they had NO Schone books at all. Big bummer. I'll have to look at the other local store and see if I can locate one - she sounds great.

10:44 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Lori, it's a familiar theme, but I liked it quite a bit.

Tracy, do you remember which book it was? Maybe I should just google it. Anyway, she's certainly worth checking out.

6:15 PM PST  
Blogger lbgregg said...

This reminds me so much of RWA last year...and that conversation with Wendy about Thea Devine...and our subsequent glom of Thea Devine and her subtle reach for the pepper spray....

Maybe I need to read Robin Schone again. Will it be dated?

7:29 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Lb, it's a time period with Robin Schone. She isn't dated in her prose or anything and since they are historical I don't feel you'll have a problem. Anyone else want to chime in?

9:21 PM PST  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

I have a couple of her books - though not this one - in the TBR pile. I keep thinking that I really need to read them!

3:52 AM PST  
Blogger Amy C said...

I just saw your comment about reading this book on Blanche's blog. I agree with you, I haven't been a fan of all her books that I've read but I did love The Lover and Gabriel's Woman.

3:53 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kristie, I think you'd enjoy THE LOVER quite a bit. Thinking about your tastes I don't know about her other books. We'll talk about her in DC I'm sure.

Amy, hey welcome to ye olde blog! Yes Ms. Shone can be hit or miss, but when she's good, she's very good.

7:56 PM PST  

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