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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bare Bones & Completely Random Stuff

Yes.  I know it is the goal of all authors to sell books, so it follows they would make an effort to be nice.  However, I continue to be amazed at their kindness and generosity. For instance...

Carolyn Jewel gifted me with an ARC of INDISCREET last night.  It's the only book I'm not shipping home.  It's going on the airplane with me so I can start reading it.  How do I explain how happy this makes me?

Suzanne Brockmann was unbelievable yesterday.  Eloquent. Passionate. Amazing. Wonderful storyteller, but even better human being.  Romance genre is blessed to have her.

Eloisa James keynote speech was just excellent.  Such a pertinent message too.  Your life informs your writing.  It made me want to go out and buy all of her books all over again.  That good.  I'm not kidding.

Coolest promo item?  Tessa Dare's pins LADY, GODDESS, SIREN for her three books.  You see them everywhere.  Although I love the 'Butch' key chain Ann Aguirre was handing out muchly. Ann Aguirre, Ann Aguirre, Ann Aguirre.  Really on her way.

Got to Berkley signing late.  So many authors were gone.  After all these years of following her from the Lora Leigh message board to her e-pub books and on to her print success I was so bummed I'd missed Shiloh Walker.  Majorly bummed.

The Kate and Kati dinner for bloggers (and authors) was so much fun.  We went to a great Lebanese restaurant near the hotel.  After dinner it was pretty much a consensus we needed to hangout together all night so as not to offend innocent bystanders with our lovely garlic breath. Good food and even better company. Do I even have to say that we continued the party in the hotel bar?  It's definitely one of the highlights of the trip.  

Too funny not to note:  we introduce each by name AND blog.

Surreal moment.  Sitting in the bar with a group of bloggers and authors.  On one side a blogger on another an author. "Really," I said to Barbara, "it's not usually like this." Lovely. Sublime. I was humming with the happiness.

Oh, do you want to know who was there? I hope I don't forget anyone...

The authors were Shiloh Walker (!!!!), Julie James, Meredith Duran, Samantha Kane, Mari Freeman and LB Gregg.

The bloggers were Barbara, Kristie(j), AnimeJune, Super Librarian Wendy, Katiebabs, Kati(dom), Janine (Dear Author), Amy (Aymless), Lusty Reader, Lisabea and yours truly. Too much fun for one person to hold in their body.

So you noticed I got to meet Shiloh Walker didn't you? It made me mucho mucho happy.

Let's see what else...

Oh, the Samhain open house was a crush.  Much wine, many women, lots of merriment. Finally met Kate Rothwell. Spied Beth Williamson across the room.  Kristie got to meet her.

Had a fawning moment with Lauren Dane so I could pass my fan-love on to Megan Hart through her since they write together.  That was very cool.

Sherry Thomas has a mind like a steel trap.  She remembers people, places, blogs.  Believe it. She is also incredibly gracious.

Got a text from SL Wendy that says,"Go read Holly's personal blog. Now!"  Sitting having breakfast with pal LB and we immediately pull out our phones to read (see) her wonderful news. Should I blame the tears on being tired? Nah! Love you Holland and congratulations! 

I know there's stuff I'm forgetting but Lb and workshop await. I'm thinking I won't be posting again until I get back.  My brain is fried and I'm sleep deprived. I was emphatic with Kati last night that I'm not going to Nashville next year.  I'm thinking more like every other year.  To which she replied each and every time... "Yes, you are. You're going."  

Huh.  Wonder what GG will think about that?

Oh, if you see pictures of me out there, and you might, be kind.  

Btw, I hope to edit this later and put in links. No time right now.

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Blogger Lori said...

Loving that you're having so muxh fun! If you see Lauren Dane or Beth Williamson again, give them big smooches for me.

12:47 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Wow, seriously, I'm green with jealousy!! It really seems like you're having a grand time :) and yay about getting an ARC copy from Carolyn Jewel!

4:45 PM PDT  
Blogger Kati said...


You ARE going! I can't do Nashville without you. Think of it as a public service...

8:24 PM PDT  
Anonymous Shiloh Walker said...

(!!!) I'll have you know that *I* got to meet Rosie. ;)

And it was very cool. It's so awesome to finally meet some of the people that I have 'names' for but no faces. I really enjoyed meeting you!

9:45 PM PDT  
Blogger Kate R said...

It was awesome to meet you over and over ("of course I remember you...[finger snap, finger snap] Oh! It's YOU!")

and you! always awake, alert and pleasant? How'd you manage that????


5:54 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Lori,I saw LD and BW from a distance. Didn't get close enough to offer smooches or hugs. Lauren Dane has the most beautiful skin...

Nath, it was a pretty great conference. I loved meeting all the bloggers and listening to the authors speak. Anne Stuart was a hoot as the RITA mistress of ceremonies.

Kati, a couple of people told me about the sweet things you said about me on your blog post. Aw shucks, m'am... But about Nashville... we'll see.

Shiloh Walker (!!!) you are so awesome. It was wonderful to meet you and I will probably continue to put the (!!!) after your name. It was just the coolest.

KateRloved meeting you AND your boys. I'm a sucker for dark curly locks.

6:15 PM PDT  
Blogger Rowena said...

Awww, I'm so loving all of this information! =)

So glad you had a great time and so glad you shared the deets of your trip with us, LOVE YOU ROSIE!

2:09 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Rowena, love you too Ween. So much excitement our Book Binge way with Holly's birthday and "the news". Can't wait to see everybody.

6:03 PM PDT  

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