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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A List

1.  Read the narrative to Beanie's first issue of his first comic book.  

2.  Go to doctor's appointment for the 3rd or is it 4th time in a little over a week.  

3.  Tell people not to be concerned about doctor's visits.  Just normal stuff going on.  

4.  Remember what the doctor said.  You are 54 NOT 34.  

5.  Refrain from making rude hand gesture to doctor.

6.  Email Beanie pictures from wedding.

7.  Write a post for blog without bitching about not blogging or blog hopping or doing stuff you think is fun.

8.  Remember to be grateful, elated and happy that GG has his own laptop and you have your own laptop and all is well in the kingdom.  

9.  Slap a band aid on it and go swimming.  You want to swim.  What's one small divot on your nose?  *snaps fingers*  Nothing that's what.

10.  Catch up your reading spreadsheet.   Have you read in August?

11.  Rejoice in your friends.  They get you.  Light a candle in gratitude.



Blogger Kati said...

*trying not to worry*

Um, I'm glad you're OK, love. And well done not offering rude gesture to the Doc. I know sometimes it's hard.

I love and miss you, Rosie!


6:01 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kati, no worries. Really. I have a small, albeit annoying, skin cancer on my nose. I can't believe how many doctors visits have been required for the treatment of this thing. It's embarrassing and irritating.

I miss you too! Don't margaritas and some smut talk sound like a lot of fun right now? Well not at 7 AM, but... you know what I mean.

7:06 AM PDT  
Blogger lbgregg said...

Hey,it's 5 o'clock somewhere, chica.

RWA is too far away. We need a midseason get together, which G and I are discussing right now. I could bring you a sexy Snoopy bandaid for your nose. With my shiner, we'll look like we had it out in the parking lot. PRIZE FIGHTERS! That's us. Kati can trip over her flip flop again, join us.

Do everything the doctor says, and still spit in his coffee over that age comment. 54 IS the new 34! Doesn't he read cosmo?

7:20 AM PDT  
Blogger azteclady said...


Breathe, relax, and do exactly what the medical people tell you to do.

Pretty please?

*trying not to worry*

*worrying anyway*


7:53 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

I vote for Hello Kitty band-aids. Cute AND girlie. It's win-win.

C'mon down to the Bat Cave. We've got plenty of sunscreen to go around. Says the girl who is so white she's see-through :-) Heh.

9:08 AM PDT  
Blogger WarriorM said...

Have I told you that I love your blogger friends? I love that the get you and love you and worry about you like I do! And you didn't tell me that your doctor made a comment about your age!!!! I liked him up until that point...forget spitting in his coffee or hand gestures, I'm sure we have some "people" still in Chicago, if you know what I mean 9nudge, wink)! Fuhgedaboutit! Love you!

5:06 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

I hope everything is fine, Rosie!! and this is your post, you have every right to whine :) You'll have to update us on your small, annoying skin cancer - seriously, you can't just say that and let us hanging!

I vote for Bugs Bunny band-aid.

6:10 PM PDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

((Rosie)) I hope everything is okay.

8:53 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

LB, dang right RWA is too far away. When will you be here? Kati's coming too???

AL, you are so sweet and I appreciate your thoughts because I'm a worrier too. I'm in good hands and hopefully sooner than later this too will pass.

Wendy, THE BATCAVE? Will Your Man be there and everything? Can I see your cape? Heck I'll bring the sunscreen. Which everyone should wear all the time.

WarriorM, my blogger pals are the best, bar none. Save your pennies so you can go to RWA... or better yet, plan to come visit me when Nath is here from Canada and come to a SoCal blogger get together in October.

Nathie, I didn't mean to worry anyone, I was just trying to be clever and let people know what's been going on.

Barbara, it's all good. I'm just grateful to live in a time where it can be fixed... and with good results. Can you imagine 100 years ago? Yeah, not so much.

9:16 PM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

Rosie: Yep, My Man will be here and everything. You can see him in his natural habitat....sitting on the couch watching football. Ha!

And if you're a good girl and wear your sunscreen, I might...just might mind you....let you see my cape. I might even let you wear my light-up plastic tiara that I got at RWA....

9:37 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Holy crap SL, *jumping and twirling* that sounds better than Disneyland!

9:41 PM PDT  
Blogger Aymless said...

Do they make naked men band-aids? *bats eye lashes* or Hugh Jackman one? *looks hopeful*

What Wendy said (about the sunscreen not the see through part!).


10:26 PM PDT  
Blogger Aymless said...

oh and forgot!

25! I'm 25 damn it! And you are only 30! ^_~

10:29 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Dude! Amyless! I'd buy Hugh Jackman band aids by the truckloads to cover my only-30-years-old nose.

10:38 PM PDT  
Blogger Lori said...

Yikes!! Woman, you take care! *wringing hands*

Tell assholic doctor that 54 is the new 34. The give him a rude hand gesture, but be sure to hide it well.

Missing you...

Is it bad that my word verification is cooch? I get the most awfulest word verifications, I swear.

12:05 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

There's our Lori, trekking about blogland late at night. What's up buttercup?

I should have said this earlier, but the doctor is really a nice guy. The age comment was actually in answer to my question about whys and hows of skin cancer. I asked because I'm a sunscreen wearing fool AND there's no history of it in my family.

6:36 AM PDT  

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