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Monday, August 10, 2009

July 2009 Reading List

Nine books for July. I'm satisfied with that. With the wedding early in the month and my trip to RWA to distract my reading habits nine books is good. Ironically I'm at 99 books for the year which is 11 more books than I read last year for the same time period.

By the way, some of you have some very impressive formats for your monthly reads (Renee's Book Addiction!). I love seeing what everyone's been reading at the end of each month.

I have high hopes for getting in a TBR Read AND a Re-Read in August. You will find them lacking in my July list.

LILAC by Louisa Trent
Electronic book from Loose-Id. Third book about three brothers. Some BDSM. Historicals in late 1890s in Bar Harbor, Maine. Tied to TAINTED LOVE and BLEEDING LOVE previous brothers books.
My Grade = C

Carolyn Davidson, Cheryl St. John, and Jenna Kernan
Two of my favorite authors in this one, unfortunately a very average read for me.
My Grade = C

I read this one on the plane to RWA and enjoyed it very much. Loved the witty dialogue between Olivia and Harry.
My Grade = B

INDISCREET by Carolyn JewelMy much coveted ARC. Another historical winner from the author. I'll post a review closer to the release date.
My Grade = B

BURN by Linda Howard
Jenner wins the lottery at the very beginning of the book. Even though by most standards she is poor and uneducated, she's smart enough to know she wants to keep her money. Seven years later fortune still in tact Jenner becomes the unwitting accomplice with some for-hire spy/mercernaries. Enter one cool dude Cael, and we have a pretty good ripping story going. Realistic? Maybe not, but an enjoyable summer read.
My Grade = B

Eve of Darkness by S.J. Day
Coveted by one brother, marked by another. How does a woman cope being the focus of two rival brothers? What if those brothers are Cain and Abel... the Cain and Abel? This was a rec from Kati who sold me on the premise in a noisy bar in DC. I was hooked by the premise and bought all three books.
My Grade = B+

Book 2. Our heroine the newly "marked" Eve is in training. This one lagged in parts for me, but ended...well, it left me wanting more. Which begs the question why I haven't read the 3rd one yet.
My Grade = B

I think I read a similar story line to this recently but damned if I can remember by who. Maybe that's what ruined it for me. Anyway, it contains Ms. Rice's usual hotness, but was a bit too predictable and just not charging on all cylinders for me.
My Grade = C

TASTING FEAR by Shannon McKenna
I mentioned my feelings about this in an earlier post. I think I would have liked this better with three sisters stories intertwined and with a bit more layering to the characters. They seemed one-dimensional and very alike to me. It's saved from utter disaster because no one writes a modern day version of the alpha male better than McKenna.
My Grade = C



Blogger sula said...

a very respectable list. :) hey, you have been BUSY!

5:08 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Nine is good when you're so busy!! :) An average of 2 a week, not bad at all :P

Now, SJ Day yes or no... yes or no, LOL... such a decision, LOL :P

8:11 AM PDT  
Blogger WarriorM said...

Just out of curiosity, what criteria does a book need to get an A? I read through your lists most months and I think the best grade I've seen is a B+. Would you consider yourself a tough grader?

9:39 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Sula, yeah, well, lots of people are busy, I don't know why I have "issues" :D

Nathie, yeah, 9 is respectable considering I was at RWA for a week. As for SJ Day...I think a "yes" for you. You'd like them I think. Try the first one and see what you think.

Warrior M, you are so right. I rarely give an "A" and I am a tough grader. I have given "A" grades but I probably have only 4 to 5 the whole year long. Those books are standouts and books I know I will re-read and recommend without question. Which is why I will probably go back and give Carolyn Jewel's second paranormal an "A".

A B+ is a very good grade. An "A" to me is a book that would absolutely perfect (for me).

10:39 AM PDT  
Blogger ~ames~ said...

With how busy July was for you, 9 books is good!

I can't wait for your review of Indiscreet. Looks delicious. LOL

11:19 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

Heee, your sister asked my question. I've been surprised that you haven't really graded any of Jewel's books an "A" yet - especially given how much you seem to love some of them.

My "A" criteria is usually "will I reread it." Given my massive TBR, I never reread, and if I want to? That's the tipping point to making the book an "A" read.

I have that HH anthology in the TBR. This should surprise no one.

1:05 PM PDT  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

I'm always too embarrased by the number of books I HAVEN'T read to put up a list - at 99 so are so far ahead of me!!

4:08 AM PDT  
Blogger Kati said...

Yay! You did some good readin' this month, Rosie!

I've been just awful about reading lately. I just got another pile of books for review, so I'm going to have to get off my ass and get to it. But lately nothing has captured my imagination.

It's starting to piss me off.

6:51 AM PDT  
Anonymous ลงประกาศฟรี said...


11:45 AM PDT  
Blogger Renee said...

Great list, Rosie! Can't wait for your Indiscreet review.

Mmmm...I've been wanting to check out that SJ Day series. Must get to it soon!

7:51 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Ames, INDISCREET was delicious. Jewel has two distinctive voices for her historicals and her paranormals...and I mean that in a good way.

Wendy, I know, I know, I'm such a hard grader. But an "A" means to me a book that is in a class by itself. Although, for me, that's why I'm thinking of upgrading MY FORBIDDEN DESIRE by Carolyn Jewel. It was a great read for me.

Awww...Kristie,you shouldn't feel that way. I love reading about what you've read whenever and however you post it. I especially love when we get on a tear about our reading history.

Kati, isn't it the oddest thing about reading? I feel bereft when I'm not reading, but then sometimes I just can't settle into anything. So weird.

Renee, I'll see you soon and we'll talk my pretty.

11:42 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

Rosie: I'm only picking on you because I can't tell you how many times readers have told me I'm a hard grader. Certainly I don't hand out A grades like Tic-Tacs, but you're even more selective than I am.

I have to check my records, but I think I've only read 2 "A" books this year. Depressing.

12:14 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

SL? You were picking on me? I keed, I keed.

Call me crazy, okay don't call me crazy I have enough people in my life that do, but my point is an "A" is a valuable grade and should be an exceptional book to the reader. I guess I while I certainly enjoy and even love some books I just don't put them in the exceptional category.

12:49 PM PDT  

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