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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I swear I will write more on this later when I'm home and do my review on both SKIN GAME and DOUBLEBLIND, but I couldn't wait to tell you that this was such a GOOD book. Truly. Would I lie to you?

SKIN GAME is unapologetically dark to the end. Reyes and Kyra are interesting, contrary and not your usual H/H. To say I'm looking forward to the next book, SKIN TIGHT is an understatement.



Blogger Kati said...

I loved this book! Ann has a really deft hand with romance, doesn't she? And I love how unusual the characters were. Dark, definitely, but also eminently likable.

7:18 AM PDT  
Blogger azteclady said...


:huge grin:

I have been hoping you would post your thoughts on it soon, Rosie. Aren't Kyra and Reyes just great? and then there are the secondary characters... *wiggling eyebrows*

9:21 AM PDT  
Blogger Giselle said...

OOH I've fallen into another slump. Been looking for something new to help me get my mojo back. Thanks!

5:05 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

LOL, I want your review now!! Can't wait, you can't leave us hanging like that!

5:57 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kati, me too! Yeah, these characters are eminently likable. How'd she pull that off? *awe in voice* I can't wait for the next one. I'm definitely in the fan side of the column for Ms. Aguirre/Gray.

AL, I loved Kyra and Reyes and more importantly was completely curious and fascinated by them.

Giselle, of course I can't speak for everyone, but I did not want to stop reading because i was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. Good book.

Nathie, I'm not at home, I'm still traveling and I just don't have the time to put any sort of cogent review together. Soon though, I promise.

6:16 PM PDT  
Blogger Blanche said...

Hi Rosie!

I have been hearing so many good things about this book.....I think I need to get it! :)

7:20 PM PDT  
Blogger Tara Marie said...

When I stopped blogging, Ann was just taking off as a romance writer, it's amazing how fast and popular she's grown in the last year and half. These are going on my TLF list

2:31 AM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Oh, I thought you were gone only for the week-end. Hope you'll be back home soon :D

10:14 AM PDT  
Blogger CindyS said...

Did someone say 'dark' - I'm all ears!

2:00 PM PST  
Anonymous Tamara said...

I'm just finishing this book and the author has a new fan in me! Will be scoping out her backlist asap!

7:24 AM PST  
Blogger Tracy said...

Ok, now I HAVE to go get it - dark or not. :)

10:14 AM PST  

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