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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Towering TBR

In the last two months I have made significant contributionS to my local UBS and a good sized dent in my TBR. Really, unbelievable to me because 2006 was the year I was adding books faster than I could read them. Of course, my job was sucking the ever living life out of me the whole first half of the year so that may have had a little to do with it. Even while working, two kids, a husband, and a household to take care of I have always read 4 to 5 books a week just because I don't watch TV and don't sleep more than 4 to 6 hours a night.

However, the past two months I have read an unprecedented number of books even for me. I was unbelievably slothful in January and read (you aren't going to believe it, because I hardly can myself) 34 books. Yes, I know when did I ever find the time? Well, kiddies, reading is about all I accomplished in January besides some laundry, grocery shopping and the occasional walk. Also, 5 of those books were e-books which weren't more than 120 pages at the longest. February is going to post large numbers too, but I have returned to the living and am getting back on the freeway of life, so the number won't be as high as January.

Anyway the long and short of it was that I felt it was okay to pick up some of the books I've been writing down and noting from reviews and reader blogs as books I want to read. Some are from the UBS and some I bought. Here's my the list from several UBS:

1. Secondhand Wife by Cheryl St John
2. 3 Rock Creek Six books by Linda Devlin (Jed, Cash, Sullivan)
3. Hope's Captive by Kate Lyon
4. Touch the Dark by Karen Chance
5. Silhouette Desire Bound by Marriage by Nalini Singh

Here are the new books I bought from my local B&N:

1. Post Secret Book edited by Frank Warren
2. Emma (my FIRST manga!) by CMX
3. When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy
4. Deadly Game by Christine Feehan

So, I've added eleven more books. I'm reading the new Christine Feehan release that came out yesterday. It's another installment of her Ghost Walker series. I think I've mentioned before that psychic abilities fascinate me. I've enjoyed this series so far and wouldn't dream of missing this one since it is the story of Ken Norton, twin brother to Jack Norton whose story was in the last book CONSPIRACY GAME.

On my TBB list are five books scheduled with a March 6th release date. I'm hoping to keep ahead of my purchases this year and maybe dwindle that TBR to a reasonable number of books. Since alot of you whose blogs I regularly read seem to be making the same sort of effort to read books you have and discipline your purchases in 2007, I feel like I'm in good company. Although I guess that sounds ridiculous considering how many books I've just purchased, doesn't it?



Blogger Wendy said...

Some good ones there. I loved Hope's Captive and Secondhand Wife is very good.

I adore the Rock Creek Six series! FYI - That was a two-author series. You have all the Linda Devlins, but Lori Handeland wrote the other three. Unless you have them already you're missing Reese, Rico and Nate (which was nominated for a RITA btw)

8:10 AM PST  
Blogger ames said...

Oh if only I could have read 34 books already! LOL Seriously, my tbr challenge would almost be completed and I could buy books so much sooner.

But it's all good. I'm breaking my no buying books rule for Butch's book-that's it, that's all.

1:04 PM PST  
Anonymous Scooper said...

I tried to leave you a note yesterday but the word verification wasn't working. Now I don't remember what I was going to say. I loved Feehan's latest book and Keri Arthur's latest was pretty hot too.

12:53 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, I've already read SECONDHAND WIFE and enjoyed it. I have the most recent St John book to check out. And thanks for the heads up abut the Rock Creek series. I was wondering why it was called Rock Creek Six and there was only 3 books. I'll have to look for Handelands. Do you have to read them in any particular order?

Ames, yeah, 34 books ridiculous isn't it? My official count for February is 25, but I read about 5 ebooks...mostly re-reads of stuff I already had. Still alot, but more in line with my usual month.

Scooper, not getting word verification happens to me all the time. I just usually highlight my comments and save them and then reload the page. Sometimes Blogger makes me reload it 2 or 3 times. Go figure.

I just finished the Feehan book and I really liked it. I know they aren't for everybody and I must say these two brothers are my favs in her Ghost Walker series. I still haven't tried Keri Arthur. Guess I need to check her out.

4:15 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:15 PM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

In order:
Reese, Sullivan, Rico, Jed, Nate, and Cash. Out of those, I liked the last 3 books the best. Most "fans" say Rico was there least favorite, but frankly I have a huge soft spot for him. I've got a thing for younger romance heroes with the "need" to "prove" themselves.

Damn, now I was to reread this series.....

8:24 AM PST  

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