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Thursday, September 20, 2007


We finally have all the stuff (meaning clothes, shoes, tie, shirt, vest) done for Shmoo for his last Homecoming Dance. Now Shmoo's girlfriend goes to a neighboring high school. She went stag to her school's Homecoming dance last weekend. She bought another dress and was supposed to go with Shmoo to his Homecoming this weekend. They decided (after we ordered the corsage mind you) that Shmoo would go to his Homecoming stag as well. No. They aren't fighting. Everybody's happy. Well, except me. I don't get this. Don't you want to go to a dance with a date? What am I missing here?

Beanie, has taken off like a comet at his new higher paying job. He's also got 2 A's and B going this semester in college. He's not a horrible student, but since he started college he's been falling more along the line of C's than A's or B's. So, yay...that's good news. He just finished a big project for...um...dang, I can't remember which class. Speech II maybe? Anyway he's thrilled because he got an A. Of course, his girlfriend was over most of the weekend helping him. :) I keep telling her she's setting dangerous precedents, but she's young and in love. She'll learn. I hope. Of course, my son, ever the charmer, told her that he comes from a family of strong women and that's why he loves her. Poor unsuspecting sweetie eats it right up. Although I have to say, for the most part she has him pretty well trained. God knows I did what I could, while I could.

I finished THE SERPENT PRINCE last night. A really good book. A few small things bugged, like Lucy running home to Papa, but overall I really liked it. I'd read the RAVEN PRINCE and appreciated its originality and must say that opinion remains strong after SP as well. So, instead of reading EVERMORE like I said I was going to, I went to the TBR and pulled out THE LEOPARD PRINCE and have started reading it. I love when I have another book to glom when an author is really working for me.

What's everybody else reading?

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Blogger nath said...

LOL, I never went to a homecoming dance... i think it's an american stuff, cos we don't have it here in Quebec province... :( anyway, it always sounds like a big deal for american high scoolers... and what does stag mean? alone? dateless? and that's great news for Beanie, that he's getting good grades :D

glad you enjoyed the Serpent Prince... I think i'm going to go look for that book along with the new Jo Goodman.

finally, I'm reading Empire of Ivory by naomi Novik and next will be Agnes and the Hitman :D

5:53 AM PDT  
Blogger Dev said...

I went to all of my homecoming dances stag ~ just a group of friends and we had a blast.

I'm reading Wishes by Jude Deveraux now. I'm loving it and wish I was home so I could finish it.

6:48 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath, I don't think you'll be sorry about the SERPENT PRINCE. You do like historicals...right? :) I liked the new Goodman too.

Yeah, Homecoming is an American tradition. Actually lots of classes hold their class reunions around Homecoming (why it's called "home" coming). Supposedly back in the day all the alumni were invited to the dance along with the current crop of students. I'm sure that would go over like a lead balloon now. :-)

Shmoo and his gf are fine with the arrangement. In fact Shmoo seems to have a bit of a bounce in his step and is looking forward to it. I think it's fine to go stag, but I just thought a bit unusual to go without a date when you DO have a girlfriend. Guess I'm showing my age. ::sigh:: So what's new...right?

6:51 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Dev, yeah I'm getting that. He's got lots of plans and is pretty excited and happy. Can't argue with that.

I haven't read Devereaux in years. Maybe I'll look for that one. Is it new?

6:52 AM PDT  
Blogger Dev said...

Rosie ~ No, it was first published in 1991. It was in my amazon recommendations a few weeks ago so I got it and I'm so glad I did. I love the 2 leads and I hate the 2 antagonists (so far), so I guess it's doing what it's supposed to do as far as hooking the reader. I'm only on page 60 so far and I just want to read it. Unfortunately, it probably won't be until the weekend before I can finish it.

7:11 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

I'm with you about Shmoo going stag. I mean, he's got a perfectly good girlfriend - why go alone?

I'm reading Big Girls Don't Cry by Cathie Linz and after slogging through the last several books, I'm positively zipping through this one. It's not perfect. It has issues. But dang, it's so refreshing to read a straight-up contemporary romance for a change. No vampires. No suspense. No kinky sex.

Not that there's anything wrong with kinky sex.....

7:57 AM PDT  
Blogger Becky said...

Yeah, I don't get that 'going stag' business either, but have teens in our family that have done that, too. Kids today...it used to be a huge deal that you actually HAD a date to take to the dance!

8:15 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Wendy, ::round eyed innocence:: Kinky sex? Whatever do you mean?

I'm not a particular fan of Cathie Linz but a straight up contemp sounds tempting.

5:33 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Becky yeah, dates, remember those? Beanie (my oldest) is very traditional about dating and his girlfriend. Shmoo on the other hand, not so much. Every day is a surprise with him. At the end of the day I'm just happy he's excited and going to the dance. Waaaaay better than drama and angst.

5:35 PM PDT  
Blogger Jenster said...

Taylor is going to his first Homecoming dance next weekend with his girlfriend. I think I'm more excited than he is. lol

I'm thinking these girlfriends of your boys' are some lucky girls! And I bet they're grateful to the boys' mom, too!

6:10 PM PDT  

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