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Friday, December 07, 2007

The Christmas Party

My work Christmas party is tonight. It's also the annual awards banquet. Since I'm a newbie it's my first one. It's been years since I went to a night time "office" Christmas party. The last place I worked, advised by Risk Management, quit having their night time party and switched to an alcohol-free compulsory (all inclusive) holiday lunch each year. It was nice, but you basically got up from your desk and went to the luncheon.

So, I can't wait to check out this party. Not to mention (but of course I am) that I ended up being included on the planning committee at the last minute. So, I'm all "inquiring minds" about it. I've heard some stuff about past parties and been given a preview of what, and who, to watch out for, but hearing is not the same as seeing something for yourself.

Have any of you got any good Christmas party stories to share? Alas, my office party history is quite bland. There was a dessert table mishap one year at the lunch where several desserts at the swanky restaurant we were at ended up on the floor, but since no alcohol or hair pulling were involved it's hardly mentionable.

The only truly scandalous story I have is about the time I had a bunch of my high school classmates over after the reunion party. (read -- the joint we were renting kicked us out at 1 a.m.) I invited everyone who wanted to come over to my house. Aside from the fact that the police were called at 3:30 a.m. to shut us down because we were noisy (completely NOT true) there was an "incident".

At one point in the evening when one couple was preparing to depart the female half of the couple asked for her purse that was in my bedroom. Since I was in the middle of a conversation I told her she could just go on ahead and get her purse. She explained she had already tried that and my bedroom door was locked.

I figured that someone had used the bathroom in my master bedroom and inadvertently locked the door and pulled it shut behind them. So I reach for the skeleton key we keep on the top of the door jamb (because I had small children at the time and they had a tendency to lock themselves in) and unlocked the door. Uh, yeah, big mistake. We'd knocked on the door several times prior to unlocking it to be sure someone wasn't inside, but when no one answered I went ahead and unlocked the door.

A couple stepped out of the room. Well, couple may be the wrong word seeing how HER husband and HIS wife were in my living room with the rest of the guests. Yeah, talk about awkward. Yikes! Swear to God, true story, my house. So when the cops showed up about a half an hour later due to noise it was sort of anti-climatic.

Oh and to clarify, the noise wasn't people, or even music. A couple of guys from my class (okay about 4 of them) rode their Harleys to my house. Four Harleys coming and then going in the wee hours apparently disturbed one of my neighbors...and I know who, not that I'm holding a grudge or anything neigh on these many years later.

So, what was my point? Oh yeah, I've never had anything half so interesting, shall we say, happen at a Christmas party. So what about you?

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Blogger nath said...

It's my company x-mas party tonight too!! but i bet it won't be as exciting as yours.

this is my first christmas party, although 2 years ago, I did go to a christmas lunch... but it's not the same, as you said...

and that incident, that is just plain wrong and weird.

anyway, hope you have a good time tonight :D

7:15 AM PST  
Blogger Dev said...

Our company doesn't have Christmas parties.

Is it wrong that I laughed about what happened at yours?

7:24 AM PST  
Blogger Wendy said...

OMG! I would have melted into the floor if I had walked in on that. Wowza!

I'm a librarian, so our holiday luncheons tend to happen at the office while the library is OPEN! So yeah, pretty boring and no alcohol served. Frankly I think alcohol should be required when you work with the public all day long, but so far I've not been able to convince any of my supervisors.

The Boyfriend has a holiday party coming up on the 15th. I'm looking forward to it since it's at the house of the top seller (in the country!) for the company. I'm expecting some quality food and drink, although in exchange I have to mingle. And since I'll be meeting The Boyfriend's boss that also means I need to try and not make an ass out of myself. A tall, tall order....

9:08 AM PST  
Blogger lisabea said...

Heh. Rosie what did you do after that? Awkward, indeed.

We always throw a little cocktail party here, but I'm not this year cuz of projects left unfinished. Last year we served a signature drink the "painkiller". So this friend walks in and I'm bubbling and gushing and I say, "I've had one too many painkillers tonight!" And I move on to take coats and do introductions. And later I find out that she thought I was on drugs.

Good times.

9:32 AM PST  
Blogger Jenster said...

I have no good Christmas stories to share, but even if I did I doubt it would be as good as yours! That's so wrong!!

Have a good time!

5:51 PM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

I recall a great (though rather uneventful) 'office' party at Olive Garden a few years ago (okay, is it possible it's already been nearly a decade ago? Sheesh! Where does the time go?!)

A few years ago, Jeff and I were invited to a small gathering at one of Jeff's co-workers homes around Christmas. At the time, the hosts were telling these hilarious stories about how they first met (15 years or so before) and seemed all lovey-dovey. I did find it odd that host hubby went out on the porch to smoke a stogie with another wife that was there. Turns out they'd had an ongoing affair for weeks, things were more or less 'revealed' later that night, and both marriages were tragically busted up as a result, with the offending parties running off to get married. Rather an awkward night, let me tell you.

7:03 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

Wow! I only hear about infamous Christmas parties.

The great thing with Bob's current company is that everyone is low key. No huge egos need to be stroked and it's about having fun. We went bowling last year and this year we went to Playdium. Silly fun but then, most of these people have kids and are just looking forward to spending some time with adults.

Did the spouses find out about the 'couple' in your room?

Also, Bob is an early bird (I think he's learned from past experiences) so we're normally long gone before anything 'awkward' happens.

Hope you had fun!


10:08 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath, our party was pretty fun. No drama though. There were two cruises given away. That was fun.

Dev, the "incident" was from a high school reunion party, but in retrospect when I think of it I sort of laugh in horror.

Wendy, you crack me up. I always feel a bit of pressure when I meet the poo-bahs from GG's work...new ones as they come and go. But life is pleasantly predictable. We are after all, most of us, human. I can't imagine you doing anything truly ass-like, but IF something should occur I do expect you to share the details. :)

Lisabea, that's funny about the painkillers. I have to admit though there's nothing I enjoy more than starting a false scandal, or rumor, inadvertently. Watching the train wreck from misconceptions is hilarious when all it would take is a simple question to clear things up.

Jenster, well the awkward moment in the hallway when the woman next to me (who wanted her purse) asked what they were doing in there when we knocked? I wanted to drop through the floor. It totally escaped her, bless her heart, what was going on which only amplified it for the other half dozen people who joined us in the hallway. Uh-oh...

Becky, Holy Moses Becky. Uh-yeah, awkward is an understatement. You know all the couples from our little shindig 10 years ago are going strong. That's pretty cool, huh?

Cindy, Bowling sounds like fun! I'm a horrible bowler, but it's always fun way to visit and play at the same time.

I think only one spouse (the woman's) caught on and those two are divorced now. They guy who was in the bedroom is still married to the same woman. Even though there was a commotion in the hallway, she had a few drinks and I wasn't sure if she caught on to what happened or not.

8:25 AM PST  

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