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Sunday, December 09, 2007

That Christmas Feeling...

Yes, my friends I have it. That Christmas feeling. Someone at work the other day, made a comment about people getting all warm, fuzzy and generous at Christmas and forgetting about the feeling the rest of the year. Hey, my warm fuzzies are heightened at Christmas time but they don't go completely away the rest of the year.

Call me crazy, but I think romance readers are generally the warm fuzzy type. After all one of the givens in a romance novel is the HEA. Isn't that one of the reasons we read romance? Real life might not always have a happy ending, but you can count on Nora Roberts, Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, SEP, Jennifer Crusie etal to give you a HEA. Sure there might me a whole lot of angst between the covers, but we know, at least in our books, it's all going to work out in the end. That being the case, who wouldn't have a warm fuzzy, Christmas-y sort of feeling most of the year? Lucky us, I say.

Mmmmmm....mango. Sweet and delicious. We're having breakfast together this morning. I'm savoring some mango, english muffins and coffee while catching up with Romancelandia. GG is treating me to breakfast in the office at the computer desk. The man knows how to keep me happy. He's a sweetie isn't he?

The video above is from the movie LOVE ACTUALLY. It's a current holiday movie favorite. The past couple of years I watch it two or three times during Christmas season. It's a reminder of valuing the people we love most. More warm fuzzies. I just can't help myself this morning.

The Christmas party was fun. Not over the top, "Wow, what a party!" fun. But fun. Two cruises and a couple of weekend trips were raffled off throughout the evening. Each employee got a raffle ticket when they came in...no cost. The trips had been donated. Seeing people win was very fun. Especially since one of the winners was a young couple with small children who wouldn't ordinarily have the means to get away like that. I was very happy for them.

Now I'm off to catch up with all of you and your scribblings from the past few days. GG and Beanie have been hogging the computer. GG has been going to traffic school for a speeding ticket he got on one of our trips earlier this year. He's still in shock because it is his first traffic violation ever. Poor baby. Beanie has papers due now as the semester winds down. So with all that going on I may be posting sporadically.

Take it easy with your holiday preparations. My shopping is almost done. I know, I keep saying that, but I really only have a few more things to get. I'm caught up with my wrapping too. Hoo-yah!

I hope you aren't too harried and crazy and have time to enjoy the season with your families.

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Blogger Dev said...

I've got lots of wrapping to do. I hate that part. It'll be done eventually, though.

I'm still missing the Christmas feeling ~ am a bit of a scrooge, but hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

9:51 AM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

I've got that Christmas feeling...

Glad your Christmas party was enjoyable. It's always nice to see someone win something that would especially appreciate it.

At one of Jeff's staff parties a couple of years ago, there was a couple (both of which were teachers there, mind you) that won a Victoria's secret gift basket...complete with his and hers lingerie, chocolates, and other, um, 'romantic' things. They got just a little too excited at winning that particular basket, and left early (no doubt to make use of their baby-sitter), which started nearly everyone off on whispered surmisings and chuckles. Oy! But raffles do make a party extra special!

I've still got wrapping to do, but Jeff has informed me that he enjoys wrapping...so I may just hand that task over to him. Goodness knows I've got plenty of other things to tend to these days.

11:59 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Dev, I don't mind wrapping if I'm not rushed for time. When in a hurry wrapping really bites. Fortunately, I'm paced this year and not waiting on anything to arrive, so it's all good.

Becky, yeah I couldn't do half the things I do if Greg wasn't involved. We hit the mother lode with our guys, didn't we?

The Victoria Secret basket story cracked me up. I wonder if it ever occurred to the couple how obvious they were?

11:29 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

I haven't really started wrapping gifts but as long as I don't get hassled by a certain someone that the place is a mess I can get it done without wanting to wreck the place.

I had the spirit but I'm not thrilled with our tree. Bob bought an artificial one that has fake snow on it and decided he wanted a 'blue and silver' theme. Problem is the silver doesn't do anything and the blue makes it look like a black hole. All the same, I decided to do up a 'tacky' tree just for my hubby.

Now that is warm and fuzzy ;)

And yes, GG is very good to you!

And now I need to buy Love Actually


7:56 PM PST  

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