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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wanderlust by Ann Aguirre

Today is the day kiddies. It's out and it's good. WANDERLUST by Ann Aguirre is the second installment about Sirantha Jax. You may remember Jax as the space jumping heroine from GRIMSPACE.

The process of reading Ms. Aguirre's books is one I've thoroughly enjoyed. I just loved Jax voice rattling around in my head as I was absorbing these books.

Ms. Aguirre has created, in my opinion, a unique and quirky character in Sirantha Jax. What surprised me most is how much I relate to this character's wry observations and envy her unabashed honesty about herself and who she is.

Ms. Aguirre's writing is very engaging and multi-layered. I dare you to open her either of her books, GRIMSPACE or WANDERLUST, and be able to put them down. Don't be afraid of the first person thing. You don't notice it as you get sucked into the story. I was one of the last people to give GRIMSPACE a try after reading several good reviews and was so glad I picked it up.

Hopefully I'll have my shizzle together before the week is out and put up a more complete review. For the interested, here's my review of GRIMSPACE. In the meantime, go give WANDERLUST a try.



Blogger Tracy said...

K - I just need to read Grimspace first! :)

10:07 AM PDT  
Blogger Ann Aguirre said...

Yay! I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I just finished Doubleblind and I'm getting ready to revise / polish before it's due on Sept 15.

10:06 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Tracy, you won't be sorry.

Ann, Jax is such a smart ass. I also love how the communication between she and Marsh right from the beginning is something they just take for granted. When's DOUBLEBLIND due to be out?

6:33 AM PDT  
Blogger Ann Aguirre said...

Rosie, don't hurt me, but...

Doubleblind comes out October 2009.

They bumped it back a bit, so there would be exactly two months between it and my first urban fantasy release, Blue Diablo, which comes out April 2009. They want to brand me as follows:

Corine book, urban fantasy, spring release
Jax book, romantic SF, fall release

That way readers will know when to expect my next book.

8:59 AM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Ann, it's all good. Two books a year is awesome and I'm very curious to read your urban fantasy. April and October are my two kids birthday months. Coincidence???? I think NOT. It's a sign. Of WHAT I'm not sure, but it MUST mean something. No?

6:23 AM PDT  

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