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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ann Aguirre

As anyone who visits here regularly knows I'm a fan of GRIMSPACE and WANDERLUST the Jax books by Ann Aguirre. Which means, you know, I stalk her blog and website. Recently Ann was talking about a play list she put together for one of the books she was working on called SKIN GAME under another pseudonym, Ava Gray.

Anyway, I asked her in the comments if she always does a play list for her books. For all of the inquiring minds out there, yes, she does. Ann then very kindly posted the play list to SKIN GAME.

Naturally, as any good freaky stalker fan would do, I then added the links to all the songs and created a duplicate play list. Why go to all that bother? Well, Ann suggested it might be fun to listen to the tracks as you are reading the book.

Don't you just love little factoids like that? Obviously, I do. So I'm all set for when the book comes out. Of course, since she just finished writing it I might be waiting for a bit. That's the bad news.

The good news? I recognized several of the songs right off the bat. So, you know, I'll probably be listening to the play list even without the book.

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