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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What a week!

Still plugging along with my Christmas list. My google reader is up to 488 again. Oy! I'm not even supposed to be writing this post. I'm supposed to be working on Christmas cards. However, I'm not in the mood.

The big-ass TV is now mounted on the wall. The wonderful piece of furniture I ordered to go under it is back ordered. They call 'em TV media consoles. Who knew? I DO know that I looked at about a gazillion before I found one I liked. I also found a dining room table I really liked. However, a dining room table wasn't on the shopping list. Bummer. Very big, very sad bummer. Dining room tables don't grow on trees, especially ones you really, really like.

I'm still lagging on a few Christmas gifts and have about half my wrapping to do yet. All the stuff that had to be shipped is gone baby gone! In fact I've had a couple reports that the recipients already have their packages. Ya-hooey!!!

I have piles of books on my desk to catch up my spreadsheet and October and November reading lists. No worries about December's list. It's dismal. Maybe two books? Although I did buy this book...

THE TREASURE by Iris Johansen. It's a quick read. It's a bit flawed. The dialogue was redundant. All the characters had the same voice and speech patterns. However, I am as fascinated as ever by Kadar. There could have been so much more done there. I don't regret buying it, even in hard cover, cuz, ya know I HAD to read it to see what happened. As you might recall this book is the follow up to LION'S BRIDE which came out in 1996.

I recently re-read LION'S BRIDE in anticipation of THE TREASURE release and was happy to find it held up pretty well. LION'S BRIDE has more layers and detail to it than THE TREASURE, but I did enjoy re-visiting these characters. I just wish the story wasn't stretched so thin. On the other hand, I'd love to see her do Vaden's book and there was enough foreshadowing in this one to believe there might just be one around the corner. One can hope.

So that's my week. Gotta go do my Christmas cards before GG figures out I'm enjoying myself elsewhere. He's a slave driver. (Not really, but I gotta blame somebody and he's handy) I'd rather read or surf my google reader, but alas duty calls. Hope you all aren't too busy and crazy out there. I'm thinking about you...

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Blogger Wendy said...

Same thing happened to us! Bought a nice, shiny, new TV and we had to wait months for the new TV stand because it was backordered.

I'm curious to see reviews on The Treasure from Johansen's non-romance fans. She's been writing suspense long enough now - that she has to have a fan base that doesn't "know" her from her icky love-cootie historical romance days. Which reminds me to check the stats on this one and Lion's Bride when I get into work tomorrow. I had to order additional copies of LB once I found out (from you, thanks!) that the two books were connected.

3:44 PM PST  
Blogger Zeek said...

Lion's Bride wasn't one of my favs of her historicals but I do so want to read this one- looks like it's kind of how figured it would be. Not quite the same ol' magic?

Deh well, I'm gonna read it anyway!

7:01 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

If he complains, tell him to do them himself, LOL :)

Well you're doing good on your Christmas list... I'm the opposite, blogging and reading everyday, but nothing on my christmas list is being done. Ah well.

7:33 AM PST  
Blogger ~ames~ said...

I'm thinking about you too Rosie. :P

8:39 AM PST  
Blogger Rowena said...

I need to do my Christmas cards because I'm determined to do them this year since I never do them, I need to get on it though because Christmas is almost here!

9:58 PM PST  
Blogger Luann said...

I just caught up on weeks of your blogs . . . you are sooooo entertaining. I love reading your stuff. Glad you got the big ass tv mounted in place. I think you'll enjoy it (especially when watching epic movies like GWTW and such). Just don't let hubby know you like it too much or you'll be in Best Buy looking at the latest in surround sound systems. Men and toys . . . it never ends; and their toys are soooooo expensive!

8:42 AM PST  
Blogger Holly said...

Crap, I forgot about The Treasure. I decided not to buy it until I saw some reviews. Good to know it's worth the buy. I'll bump it back up on my wishlist. Maybe Santa will be kind and put it in my stocking. heh.

Sucks about big piece of furn. being on back-order. I hate it when that happens.

Miss you.

9:54 AM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

I'm trying to tell myself I'm with everyone is spirit ;) You are well ahead of me except I did my Christmas cards. I'll post about why it is I get them done before most other things this time of year.

I'll have to read backwards to see about the big ass TV - aren't they just a blast though!

I had a TV hung on our wall for over a year before I convinced the hubby a piece of furniture should be below it. Goofus he is ;)

May you get your cards done and finish all your shopping. I'm more on the frazzled side of things but like you, I'm amazingly chipper. Weird.


1:00 AM PST  
Blogger Becky said...

Bummer on the Dining Room table. Maybe next year, huh?

I'm feeling the same way...having a really hard time finishing my Christmas cards. Oy...I should've addressed them last week like I'd planned on doing, and then my job would nearly be done!

7:04 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Okay I suck because I just realized I hadn't responded to anyone's comments on this post. Seriously I think I have holiday dementia or something. Sorry everyone!

1:42 PM PST  

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