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Monday, December 05, 2005

Feast or Famine?

It's always feast or famine with me. Either I have a hundred things I want to talk about or I can't think of a thing. Right now it's damn hard just finding a few moments to check out and read some of my favorite blogs and answer my email. Forget about getting a few cohesive thoughts written.

So now you are probably thinking. Cohesive? This woman is delusional! Do you think that I haven't noticed that some people have web pages, blog sites, etc. that revolve around one particular theme? Over time we begin to get a sense of the person and their interests. I seem to be all over the place.

For a person who is a list maker and pretty structured in their world (no snickering allowed!) it is disconcerting for me to realize how scattered I seem when I read my own posts.

I usually just go for the stream of conciousness thing because I found from the very beginning that if I think or plan too much I get, to coin a word made up by my BIL, "blogstipated". So I just let 'er rip.

See this blog was supposed to be about my adventures in all things Christmas. Since I'm now in the 5th paragraph of the post before mentioning what my original topic was supposed to be I'm guessing this post isn't really about Christmas.

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Blogger MaryMary said...

Don't worry! You know this blog is FOR YOU!

2:32 PM PST  

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