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Sunday, December 16, 2007


...and Merry Christmas to me!!! Look what was in my mailbox yesterday and I didn't even know it was coming!!! Is that enough !!!! for you? I literally did a little jig because this was a total surprise. Dorchester Publishing and Marjorie Liu must be sending out books to all the people who were part of her Buzz campaign for the last Dirk & Steele book, SOUL SONG.

The LAST TWILIGHT is the 8th installment in the series and due out January 29th. I have mine and can't wait to read it!



Blogger lisabea said...

Yay Rosie! Hope you have time to sit and enjoy...

7:16 PM PST  
Blogger sula said...

kewl! I just made my very first foray into this series yesterday and really enjoyed myself. I'm pretty sure the book I read was not the first one in the series tho. Shadow touch? Anyways, I am impressed by Liu's writing abilities. Very solid sense of place and fantastic world-building. Even the whole mind-melding thing made sense and didn't strike me as wtf as it has in some paranormally, sci-fi-y books. :-)

10:00 AM PST  
Blogger nath said...

lucky you Rosie!!! and seriously, getting books when you don't expect it is just way fun!!!

5:11 AM PST  
Blogger Sam said...

That's a wonderful early x-mas present!

Happy reading!!

12:17 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

Woohoo!! Surprise mail that's not a bill - priceless!


12:12 AM PST  

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