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Friday, September 05, 2008


Am I the only one who feels like these "short" weeks are killer? Five days work in four days is how I see it. It ALMOST (I did say 'almost') doesn't make the holiday worth the day off.

I'm feeling better. Lots better. Almost like a new person better. A little hyper too because compared to how tired I was I'm so freaking energized now. Of course feeling better means...

I'm swimming again. Four effing times this week. What's wrong with me????

I'm reading everyday. NOT ENOUGH THOUGH! Yeah, yeah, it's never enough. But still.

I can hear...EVERYTHING. Which means since I made GG listen to the Democrat's speeches I had to listen to the Republican speeches this week. Okay we should have both been listening as concerned citizens who want to make good decisions when we vote, but they are politicians. Sometimes listening is just enduring. Yikes! Anyway, I had to draw the line some where and my line was listening to all the analysis ad nauseum afterward. Ho-lee crapola!

I've had more energy. Can you tell yet? This in turn has me look around the house with interest and ideas and thoughts of projects. GG is bravely holding me off...heh heh. So far...

Didn't edit so I hope this isn't too scary. Now it's off to work for me. Gotta pay for those books somehow.



Blogger Wendy said...

Dear Ms. Energizer Bunny:

Come over to my apartment and clean it. Please. I don't wanna.

Lazy Super Librarian whose parents are flying in this weekend and she's trying not to resent the heck out of them because she has to CLEAN!

7:48 AM PDT  
Blogger MaryMary said...

These short weeks are definately a killer! My man had an inspection this week and worked looong hours, which translates to my time with kids ratio being off kilter. Don't like it!

I'm so thrilled you have your energy back. I'm refilling my tank tonight at the O-Club with my guy and friends.

BTW, I loved your last post and went to read it in all it's glory. We need to talk. I'm not sure, Sis, but we just might have everything in common!

2:07 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

Yay!! I'm glad you're feeling better :D What are you reading? It's true that 4 days week are actually feels as long... especially when it's Monday that we have off. unfortunately, I'm working tomorrow :( Sigh. problem at the lab :(

So anything interesting in the speeches. Funny thing, we just learned this week that Canada was also going in election mode... of course, us, election time only lasts a month, LOL :)

5:41 PM PDT  
Blogger CindyS said...

Yay, you're feeling better! I have stuff up here you can get into ;)

I'm going off one med and onto another which means by next week at this time I should be zipping around like popcorn popping in a red hot skillet. Or, taken to bed with a cold cloth on my forehead. I'll keep you posted ;)


7:58 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Dear Ms. Super Librarian, You have my deepest sympathy on having to clean house for a parental unit visit. However, not enough to offer my services. By the time you read this said PUs will probably be a-visitin'. Have a great time and enjoy their visit and spoiling.

Reading & lazy on a Sunday

Mary Mary, so how did the refueling go? Fun for all I hope?

Nath, I worked until 9 p.m. on Friday. FRIDAY!!! But this coming week one of the admin staff is going to be gone and I wanted to have my desk somewhat caught (never happens) because I already know of a couple of things I have to do to help cover that desk. It's always something it seems.

As for the speeches, well that would take more time and room for comment. Let me say this, GG and I had some very interesting conversations. It sure has alot of people thinking and talking about the election and I think that is always good.

Cindy, changing meds always is sort of suck-y. I hope your week isn't too rough. Take it slow and easy.

10:58 AM PDT  

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