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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthdays, TV, and Questions

Just a quick check in. Sunday we worked at the Secret Santa for our local school kids at Wal-Mart for four hours. GG & I had our birthday on Monday. We both had the day off so that was cool. We did a little Christmas baking but mostly just enjoyed being together.

Yesterday, the 18th was my sister's birthday. Of course throw in some work, Shmoo taking his finals this week and the major holiday that's coming up in six days and you can see life's been pretty full. Not that I imagine it's been any less for all of you.

I have TEMPTED (by Megan Hart) sitting on my desk waiting for me to write the review. I hope to have that up. Tomorrow? Maybe?

Some quick questions for you.

1. Did anyone see the BIGGEST LOSER finale last night? Didn't Julie look awesome? Those twins kicked some booty didn't they? GG predicted they would both be the winners. Of course as soon as you saw them it was pretty obvious they'd done well. Sheesh. 51% of their body fat. They are literally half the person they used to be. Julie too. Neil looks like a completely different person. I bet people he used to know don't even recognize him.

2. Okay, how about ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS? I think they did a good job with the chipmunks. They were so cute. Of course stupid script, but we enjoyed it. We ended up going with our boys, both girlfriends and one other of Beanie's friends. That was lots of fun. Worth seeing for cute factor and nostalgia, but if you aren't into that...wait for the DVD.

3. Have you tried some new fantastic Christmas treat? I have! One of my co-workers brought in chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips. I've had other versions of this cookie before, but these were just the right amount of chocolate and not overwhelming with the peanut butter chips. Since I sit at the end of the cubicle row she wanted to leave them on my filing cabinet. Uh, yeah...NO! Way too much temptation.

My list of Twelve Books I Can't Wait for in 2008 is up at TGTBTU or Sybil's as I refer to it. Paranormals, historicals, westerns... Huh, imagine that. Of course it starts off with TEMPTED. Yeah, yeah, I'll post up my review. Really, I will.

Take care out there. It's busy and crazy.

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Blogger nath said...

Hi Rosie :D Sounds like you had a nice week-end, spending time with your family and hubby :) I haven't seen the Biggest Loser, so can't say anything... hopefully, you'll have time to read TEMPTED soon :) and you posted up a very nice list of 12 over at Sybil's :)

2:04 PM PST  
Blogger lisabea said...

I love that list over at TGTBTU!
No to biggest loser. It seems like I can never remember what night I'm supposed to watch t.v. The only show I've tried to watch consistantly is The Big Bang Theory, my new fav. Have you seen it? Very funny.
No to Alvin. Yet. I'm sure my baby wants to go see it (she's 11).
And yes to those evil Ritz, peanut butter, fluff DIPPED in melted chocolate death disaster and mayhem cookies. Mmmmmm. They were awesome.

4:34 PM PST  
Blogger CindyS said...

Happy Belated to you and GG!! Egads, your house sounds like mine what with birthdays and Christmas. It's the most expensive time of the year and forget about remembering where a birthday gift is in comparison to where a Christmas gift is. Ugh!

I think I may have officially hit 'panic' mode.

I've been enjoying everyone's lists of 12 but the ones about upcoming books are like gold. I'm so far out of the loop I have no clue what's coming up!

I second lisabea's thoughts on The Big Bang Theory - lots of laughs. I just hope they survive the writers strike!

I have never watched the Biggest Loser because it hits too close to home ;)


11:20 PM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

Nath, I've read TEMPTED, I just haven't had time to review it. I haven't had time to read anything. It's all good and I'm enjoying the holiday season, but we've been busy, busy, busy.

Lisabea, actually we don't watch that much TV as a rule because I'm usually reading. But I've been either too wired or tired to concentrate on reading. GG is the BIGGEST LOSER fan and got me hooked this season so that's why we were watching.

Cindy, pick up the fireplace poker and beat the panic to a pulp!! Take it easy if you can. I know sometimes the panic gets the better of us no matter how hard we try.

Funny always helps me. We have seen a couple of eppys of BIG BANG THEORY because Beanie lurves it like a fat kid loves cake.

6:48 AM PST  
Blogger Rosie said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:49 AM PST  

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