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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Here it is another Saturday. This past week went by like a blink, even faster than usual.

Anyway I have lots of stuff floating in my head this morning:

Did you ever have such a horrid case of bed head in the morning that you wondered who you wrestled in your sleep?

Have you ever been awakened out of a sound sleep at 2:45 AM by a group of teenaged girls at a slumber party shrieking this song?

As a woman does Sarah Palin get on your last nerve? Is it because she's a woman or is it her politics?

One month to the big family wedding. The drama begins. Much eye rolling, sighs and laughing ensue.

For years I've been dreaming of having someone else clean my house. This week I finally had a cleaning company come to clean. Of course we had some issues (I'm verra verra picky) but I think we are going to continue with the service every other week. It's a little bit of heaven on earth.

Still on the dream list? My very own swimming pool with lap lane. Must remember to buy lottery ticket.

I'm reading DARK CURSE by Christine Feehan. Don't ask me why because I'm not sure I can answer that question. I've been reading it all week long. I'm almost done. It's been an up and down read and I'm really ready to move on.

Beanie is home this weekend. Yes, it's laundry week again. I just found out he and the GF take turns. She does it one weekend and he does it another. This is why we found surprises when we helped with Bean's laundry last time he was home. He was so cute sorting it last night before he went to work. Warms the cockles of my heart to know he was listening at least part of the time I was trying to teach him important survival skillz all those years.

Have I mentioned Shmoo is taking classes in prep for a career in the fire service? He's already started. He loves it. My baby a firefighter. I'm so proud of him.

BTW, look at the post time. Weird huh? I didn't change it either. I just noticed it when I went to save this.

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Blogger Katiebabs said...

Since Palin was announced as VP, McCain has gone up 8% by women just because Palin is a woman. They do not seem to care that she is a very conservative Christian who does not believe in gay marriage and also believes the Earth was only created 5,000 years ago.
She is not my bag, may be for others, but before a person votes for another regardless of their color, creed or gender, they should investigate what their possible leader may stand for.
Sorry, off my soap box :P

8:41 AM PDT  
Blogger Wendy said...

Right there with ya Katie.

I'll keep my Palin talk to a minimum since the last thing you need are trolls on your blog - but this story scared the crap out of me. Test of loyalty and rhetorical question my ass. Why even ASK the question?


I happen to like to read books with sex (romance) and violence (mystery) in them. (Psst, I don't think I'm alone on this either) So yeah, not a Palin fan by any stretch of the imagination.

And wow - you're reading Dark Curse? Is that the one that just came out in hard cover? It might be time for an intervention....

9:00 AM PDT  
Blogger Sam said...

Oh - maid service. *sigh* yes, a lottery first dream!
My son's a fireman, and I'm proud of him (have to remember to go pick him up tonight!) so I definitely relate to your feelings!
And for some more info on Palin from someone who knows her personally go here:

9:16 AM PDT  
OpenID gabriellel66 said...

She gets on my very last nerve because she's smug, self-righteous and intolerant and is the perfect example of how someone with very little knowledge can pose a very large threat.

And that was me being nice :-)

10:22 AM PDT  
Blogger ames said...

Weddings always create drama. Why is that though? LOL

Palin turns me off, and I'm Canadian. :P

2:50 PM PDT  
Blogger Dev said...

Nope, I'm not a fan of Palin. Enough said. I'm a woman, and I'm not voting for her. And really, to say that women will vote for her just because she's a woman is about as ignorant as saying all blacks will vote for Obama because he's black (what exactly is the PC term these days, btw???)

4:29 PM PDT  
Blogger nath said...

From everything I hear, Palin won't be a great VP... I agree with Ames, she turns me off. I find it stupid that she was chosen because she was a woman and not for her competence... seriously...

and LOL at your son. I was wondering, does his gf really do the laundry or she also brings it home to her parents? If she really does it, then Beanie is sooo cheating! LOL :)

4:36 PM PDT  
Blogger Rosie said...

Kate, the Republican party for the most part is so repressed that anyone wearing lipstick seems like an awesome thing. Male or female her politics, and lack of experience, and zealotry scare the crap out of me.

SL, intervention most welcome. Of course I'm still too scared to read Chelsea Cain so that's off the table. I'm having brownie therapy tonight.

Sam, I have to say it's pretty dang cool. We have some stuff to work out because to get a decent service isn't cheap either. I don't mind paying as long as, you know, the house is clean the way I like it at the end of it. BTW, thanks for the link.

Gabrielle, we were having a conversation about Palin at work and I remarked that I can't remember the last time just a photo of someone could get me as agitated as her does. Unfortunately, her image is freaking EVERY where right now.

Ames, you got that right. If a couple who plans/wants a big wedding can survive all the family shenanigans they will probably have a long and happy marriage. People are just nuts and my family is certainly not exempt.

Dev, what's really ignorant are the women who WILL vote for because of gender without finding out what she stands for.

Nath, I wish I could be a fly on the wall in McCain strategy meetings. Who gets the credit/blame for picking Palin I wonder???

As for Beanie, well, he's doing ALL their laundry himself this time. His gf brought it home to her folks house last week and she did it all...supposedly.

8:00 PM PDT  
Blogger Kristie (J) said...

I clicked on the YouTube and had to turn it off!!! The total sugar rush made my whole body hurt!!

As for Palin - since I'm not American I'm not sure if I should comment - but what the heck - the woman is scary! And what's even scarier is the approval rating that went up when she was added to the tickett.

9:37 AM PDT  

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