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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Death Toll Could Top 1000!!!

I just can't believe how horrible this disaster grows day by day. I can't imagine trying to get through the day. So many have lost everything including their lives. We have sent money to help with relief, but money can't give you back a loved one, or your children's baby pictures, the car you need to drive to work, your home...

So many in New Orleans in addition to the loss will have the possible loss of their jobs with the damage to the city and its economy which is so dependent on tourism.

God bless everyone in Katrina's path. My thoughts go out to the victims of this terrible storm and all those rescue workers and workers trying to restore services to the ravaged areas.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Remember waaaaay back last week?

I do!! I remember how much I was looking forward to new releases this week by Karen Marie Moning and Sarah McCarty. Rhapsodizing over the idea of getting the books and reading them the same day...all day long if I wanted to.

Alas, I've been sucked back into the abyss called employment by a large increase in my pay (code for "you'll pay me how much? Uh, er, umm... OK!) and by some pretty heady strokes to my ego. Yeah, I fell for the ole "We can't do it without you" schtick.

So I'm back at the salt mines. Still part-time and with even more flexible hours and option of doing as much work as I want from home. Pretty cool...huh? I've only agreed to help with some training and transitioning for the next 6 months.

Of course the guy I live with is a bit disappointed. He was looking forward to me not working any more. As with most of those with the "Y" chromosone there were/are ulterior motives voiced by said "Y" with thinly disguised concern for me which is really about comfort for him. He cracks me up. Some day, I will devote an entire post to the wacky, wonderful and convoluted thinking of the male species.

Until then...

HI-HO...HI-HO...it's off to work I go!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


So one of my husband's co-workers, actually somebody he supervises, was getting married this weekend. Fortunately, rather than one of those obligatory gatherings, we actually like the guy and his family.

I say his family because his brother-in-law used to work for GG. As a consequence of that relationship we bought some flooring from his father-in-law who is also the father of the groom...follow me so far?

So, to re-cap we know groom, groom's BIL, and groom's father...which means we know assorted spouses and children of same. Which all means we would know people and have a fun time at the wedding, which we did. Although the DJ did make me feel like I was listening to a radio show all evening, but music at weddings is a blog of a different feather and will be written about at some future date.

No, what prompts me to write this is the bride's mother. Look, I'm the first one to admit that I'm no fashion queen. Hell, I'm not even allowed in the queen's court, but I do make an effort to wear age appropriate and size appropriate clothing.

The wedding couple is in their early thirties so this makes parent units in their early and mid-fifties. Groom's mom...was beautiful. Lovely somewhat tailored lavendar dress, mid-knee. No chiffon, not too dowdy and not too young. Great hair and make up...she looked awesome, young, and enjoyed herself and danced the night away.

Okay, bride is a tall (almost 6') statuesqe woman. Auburn hair, green eyes, cute nose, halter gown...great tan and no tan lines. Dress wasn't too bride-y or over the top. She looked fabulous. Likewise her sister and cousins who were in wedding party.

Now while I can hardly be classified as a slim gal myself, I do not dress myself in form fitting (okay it was TOO TIGHT) pepto bismol pink polyester dress, tea length, with a lighter pink chiffon over coat (same length as dress) with a huge (at least 30" across) pink floppy hat with pink chiffon bow on it for a night time wedding. I swear, I almost laughed out loud!!!! It was like seeing a caricature on a sitcom of the overblown, loud, lived-a-hard-life mother in law!

Of course it gets better. Bride's Mom proceeds to get sloshed and do the can-can to Aretha Franklin's R&B classic RESPECT. It was a sight I can tell you. Of course two of her equally sized but better dressed friends joined her. To say the least they cleared the dance floor.

By the time the dance began she was sans hat. Her scant brunette locks were held to the top of her head with a pink chiffonned banana clip with a bow.

Well it was a sight to behold, Bride's Mom sure was happy and celebrating her daughter's good fortune. I know I'm not the only person who was at the wedding who will be telling this story.

You had to be there.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

I've tried, I really have...

...not to be one of those over zealous, salivating fans who pant after their favorite authors for the next book. So while I try to be eager and excited to read a new release, I draw the line at becoming a begging, slavering syncophant. I don't bug or post to my favorite author sites urging them to write faster. I'd rather wait for a better book than mess with their muse.

Having said that,I do have a point in here some where, once I know a book is coming out I'm pretty excited. I do all kinds of things to try and distract myself from thinking about it. My decoys and ploys usually work until the last week or so when I realize that in a short period of time the book will actually be in my hot little hands!!! Oh delight...oh rapture...oh...you get the picture.

Rosie, you might say...your reaction seems a little excessive. Yeah, it's my secret guilty pleasure. I spend so much money on books each year that when I know a book from a tried and true author is going to be released, I get a little giddy.

This time, one of my very favorite authors (she is on my all time favorite list) to have discovered recently, Sarah McCarty, has a release coming out from Ellora's Cave this coming Wednesday, August 31st.

In all honesty while I enjoy reading many, many authors work, there are only a few I can't wait to read and Ms. McCarty is currently one of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed her Promises series (available at Ellora's Cave) and am looking forward to begin reading THE OTHERS series next.

But that's not all, unbelievably for me another author whose books I enjoy, that are more fantasy, but with very intense protagonists, is Karen Marie Moning. I came upon her HIGHLAND books quite by accident. As a result I read them out of order...it really didn't matter. Ms Moning has a book coming out on Tuesday, August 30th, which is a continuation of the Highland series SPELL OF THE HIGHLANDER and it will be available from Amazon. This book comes out just ONE day before Ms. McCarty.

*sigh* Can you say literary druken stupor?

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


If they were using the samples from 1999 for research, how and what difference would it make who they belonged to? How did the sports newspaper L'Equipage get the information? If it is a legitimate test and is indeed Lance Armstrong's sample, why isn't the cycling governing body doing something? Do the French know this looks like sour grapes?

I'd have to agree with Lance's statement that seven years of A & B samples that all tested negative is more than enough proof that he didn't dope...at least in the years he won. To his credit, he certainly seems to have alot of support from other cyclists and previous Tour winners.

While anything is possible...maybe we all have been fooled by Lance Armstrong, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

So to the French all I can say is...Give it a rest already!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Here they are...my boys. "The best boys in the whole world" I call them. Of course that is on the good days. They are after all teenagers and have a reputation to uphold...a sworn oath if you will, to drive their parents crazy.

They are wildly successful at this most days. But like most parents, we wouldn't trade them for the world.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

KarenS posted that she would be conducting a sort of contest looking for questions and authors to interview and ask unusual questions. She requested all interested parties email her at hairylemony@gmail.com and put INTERVIEW QUESTIONS in the subject line. Pretty brave for a woman that recently had 1900 emails to delete from her in box.

Of course, since I'm never at a loss for words and have secret questions I have always wanted to ask an author I sent her the following questions:

Here are some things I've always wanted to ask authors.

1. Have you ever gotten even with someone in a book? Created a character from someone in your real life and then exacted revenge for some past wrong?

2. Have you ever written a sex scene that is from a real life experience word for word, act for act, but your significant other doesn't know it?

3. Have you ever revealed a secret that even your nearest and dearest don't know about you (like you had sex in the church confessional) in a book?

4. Do you ever take real life stories (your own) and re-tell them to make the story come out the way you think it should have?

5. If only one person could read your book, who would that be?

6. If you had a choice between only that one person reading the book or it being a best seller, which would you choose?

6. Which do you value more, that a reader likes your book, but misses the point of the story; or, gets the point, but hates the book?

7. What characterizes a successful book to you?

8. Has anything a reviewer or reader said or written about you changed the way you write?

What do you think? Is there a question you have always been burning to ask your favorite author?


The best thing about not working...Day One

The best thing about not working...you can still be in your pjs at 2 p.m. even after you took one son to school at 6 a.m. and another son to work at 10 a.m.! So you gotta know I'm loving it...right!

I read a whole e-book this morning. Found a new writer that I like Scottie Barrett. She has a book at Liquid Silver and one at Venus Press.
Her bio says she has a thing for bad boys. Yeah...yeah...yeah, don't we all! The stories were pretty good. CARNAL DECEPTIONS which is the book available at Venus Press is the one I read this morning. The books need a little more meat to 'em but she's great with character and sexual tension. I think she will only get better as she goes along.

Amazingly, I also got two loads of laundry done, balanced the check book, finished shredding our 1997 tax documents and receipts, read a book, did the two kid drop off and pick up AND got my hair cut and colored. What a great first day off!

Of course the plan tomorrow is to sleep, maybe read a little more and then sleep some more. It's somebody else's turn to take the child unit to high school at 6 a.m.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Hear those heels clicking?

It's me dancing and clickin' my heels because today was my last day at work!!! Yeah I know I said I'd be there another week, but my stomach and the guy I live with said to call it a day already!

So I'll have some extra time to check out what everyone is doing. Maybe do something a little more...exciting with my blog page which is DULL!

Let the games begin!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


This was posted in my comments by the infamous Steadman. I'm sure as time passes you will hear more about our glorius past and many exploits...not to mention present day shenanigans.

Incentive Packages must be the rage. Last night mine was "I've got an offer you just can't refuse.." (yes, offered up by the guy I live with). I should know better..NO, I do know better, what was I thinking!!! A few weeks ago we rcvd. a $$ incentive(gift) from the mother-in-law. Where she says "I want to give you some $$ to make your home life easier." (ya, only if you purchase exactly what I tell you to). I'm thinking housekeeper, chef.. NO, a MONSTER (f'n riding) lawn mower!!!!

This is the machine when brought home, my head hung in complete embarrassment. Now I've had many, I say many other life happenings that I thought were over the top, can't show my face (May incident). Don't ask. This tops them all!!!

Our youngest child unit was there for the MONSTER's homecoming. He thought we'd lost our minds, too old, lazy you name it. Most of all according to him, he's the poor college student and why wasn't he given the $$. True. The MONSTER would come in handy at school. Halloween. Attach a little trailer hire it out for hay rides. Better yet, SOBER MONSTER for hire. OR Winter...slap a plow on the front, drive yourself to class while picking up a few bucks plowing sidewalks! As much as I didn't want to I had to explain how the MONSTER arrived in our driveway.

OH, did I mention, the neighbors (even the ones that don't talk to you cuz you don't want them to but they don't get that last part) had to come over as if we had something FREE to offer them. They wouldn't leave.. This was all so wrong. Which brings me to "I've go an offer you just can't refuse."

My usual after work routine was complete. I bounced upstairs for end of day spousal interaction. Then comes the offer. We can do this then we can do this...Sounds fine. NOW, as I'm putting on my socks and shoes I'm thinking I get to "help" cut grass? I'm confused.

However, I was "in charge"(key) of the normal size push mower. I was also "in charge" of the areas of the yard the MONSTER couldn't manage. As I walked the perimeter of the yard, sweating my ass and anything else that got in the way off. The tree was sweating. Guess who's riding???? No socks, shoes or sweat. Somehow humidity was a non-issue for him. IT'S ONLY 120%! Yep, non-issue... I can't help thinking, this is making my home life easier how???? OH....it wasn't about ME! Wrong, it's always about ME! Just ask the guy I live with. (he is very understanding)

Plus, I GOT to bag what-ever I had trimmed! (what a deal) Yes, that's what I was doing, trimming!!!! Not cutting, TRIMMING!!! What the hell....

The evening wasn't a total confused mess. I did get to take a field trip. First to tour the compost site. The flies are friendly there. Then I got to see and tour the brand new BEST BUY - Motorola Theater Store, THEN to drop off borrowed golf clubs.

I know, I live right.



Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Incentive package was interesting, but not interesting (or juicy enough) to stick around for another 30 days to help train replacement...yuck!

Gonna be out of town to visit my brother in northern California. The guy I live with and I are going to be driving up together and leaving two teenaged boy beasts home.

Can't wait to get away from it all for a few days and have a change of scenery and a break from same old, same old.

Steadman...where are you?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It's official. Today I gave my two-week notice that I'm quitting my job. Yippee skippy doo-dah day!!!

August 30th is my target date for release. Although to be quite honest, and I must admit not all that surprising, the higher ups want to offer me an "incentive package" to stick around a bit longer and be sure my replacement is trained.

I told 'em it would have to be a VERY BIG INCENTIVE. One of my co-workers suggested a new car would be a VERY BIG INCENTIVE. Well, yes it would but perhaps not as big an incentive as freedom from the insanity.

Please understand, this is not the "good, creative we are all cranking on the same cylinders being incredibly productive while having loads of fun" kind of insanity either. This insanity is more like the..."if I have to work there much longer I will either commit a capital crime or become a raging alcoholic" kind of insanity.

But once I'm home with my thoughts all I can think about is getting out of the toxic environment. So who knows? An email from the director of our department is in my in box requesting I call first thing in the morning.

That guy I live with has it all figured out for me. Never darken their doors again. Easy for him to say...he loves his job. No one is throwing VERY BIG INCENTIVE packages at him.

Now I've got two things to buy at the store. A brand new shiny shovel and a VERY BIG INCENTIVE bottle of gin.

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Monday, August 15, 2005


To say I'm jealous of those gifted with "funny" is an understatement. I go trolling along out there in the blogosphere reading and laughing my way as I turn pea green with envy. Oh what I would give for that wacky, witty, wonderful way of looking at life!

I read the funniest blog at
Argh Ink Jennifer Crusie's blog site this afternoon. Of course as I've already mentioned SEP is one of my favorite authors so this blog was particularly amusing for me to read.

I sent the link to my sister and whined how I wish I could be that funny! You know that naturally funny where you "think" funny. You can tell it's just how that person views life and copes. Anyway, the post just before the one on SEP Ms. Crusie speaks about a recent medical diagnosis she received.

While I could identify with both the ice cream and wanting to hit someone with a shovel, I don't think when I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis I could have written about it with such humor. In fact when one knows it isn't fatal and that by making some adjustments one can live a relatively normal life you feel ridiculous complaining...except I wanted to complain and bitch about it alot.

Those near and dear to me know so...don't ya!

What I didn't do is write anything clever about it. I am thinking of buying a shovel though. I'm going to stand it in the corner of my bedroom. So the next time I feel sorry for myself I will remember...I can bash someone with a shovel or...eat ice cream.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Imagine if you will my surprise and disgust when I went to PBW's site to see if she had posted an update on the events surrounding her son's arrest to read she will probably have to shut it down.

When something bad happens in our lives, being able to maintain some island of normalcy or finding some sanctuary of peace is so helpful to surviving whatever one might be going through. So to think her site(s) have to be shut down because she is receivng threats at a time when she and her family are so vulnerable is sad, and frankly a disappointing indictment of how people respond in a crisis.

I don't know why I was so shocked. It's not like I don't know the world we live in. But I do have to admit that I was stunned when I read about the threats, more so when she noted that she had gotten personal attacks (in posts) from colleagues within the industry in which she works! That is particularly slimey.

All those who have read about her son (she has newspaper links in her original post) and this horrible drama know that the victims' families must be suffering terribly. Since when does that preclude us from having compassion for the family of the accused? I took a pass on the Shark Bait 101. How do people sleep at night?

In many of the comments to PBW's original post people were offering their sympathy and assuring her that she shouldn't feel guilty about her son. Which, as a mother, most people know is almost impossible to do. A parent will always wonder if there was something else they could have or should have done to get a different outcome.

Having said that, reasonable people know that you can't hold a parent, or sibling, or grandparents, or aunts or uncles, or friends, or teachers, or pastors, accountable for the actions of another adult. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own actions.

Don't think I don't have compassion for someone's difficulties as a child. I know there are many situations people are innocently born into that leave them with almost impossible odds to overcome and succeed. At the same time, I strongly believe we have to teach our children from a very young age that they are accountable for their actions. Personal responsibility. You can' t blame Mommy and Daddy all your life if your life sucks when you are 25...or 35 or 50.

So, while PBW's loss is not the same, or as final as the loss of the victims' families. Her family is entitled to feel grief, loss, pain, and devastation from these murders, and her son's involvement. She and her family should be able and allowed to feel all these things without being villified or judged for it. Most significantly, she should be able to keep her blog site open and try to continue with her life the best way she can.

As for me, I will be keeping all the people touched by this horror in my thoughts and prayers during the difficult days ahead.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

If you blog it they will come...

So I'm having one of those great spontaneous telephone convos with a friend of mine who lives far away. You know the kind where you can just take up talking to the person like you saw her yesterday? (Hey Steadman you didn't think it would take me long to land you smack dab in the middle of things did you?)

Well my darling friend had called because I'd emailed her about my blog page and she was letting me know she'd dropped by. I told the little gutter snipe she could've left a comment, but it was so cool that she picked up the phone and called that I didn't give her too bad a time about it.

Anyway we were both laughing and talking about the
BREAKFAST BITCHES and their truly outrageous bitchiness. I commented on how I can't believe I stumbled on this whole blogging world and how much I love it because it is a place where you can talk about anything you want...give voice to your opinion without interruption. No guilt! No calories! Oh, and it's way cheaper than therapy! : )

I laugh almost every day at something some wacky someone has written. That is certainly a welcome addition in anyone's world.

So, Steadman...got anything to say?

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


It's not for the faint of heart...but if you want to read a fresh and funny blog. Go check out BREAKFAST BITCHES these women are hilarious.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I almost forgot! I finished MATCH ME IF YOU CAN by SusanElizabethPhillips last night. If you are a SEP fan you will love this book! I sure did. I consumed it in one sitting. It was worth the wait. Besides, I would rather an author took longer and wrote a better book than hurried and turned out garbage.

The humor and dialogue were crisp and witty. This is the kind of book that keeps me reading and searching for good books and good authors.

It was a very entertaining and enjoyable way to spend an evening.


I like having people over...

From the time I was in high school I remember wanting to have a home where people gathered. Friends, family, co-workers, my children's playmates. I wanted my home to be the place where people felt comfortable and at ease. Where my kids could and would invite their friends over.

I've realized recently that this is still an important component of my life. I like nothing better than to have my house filled with people. When I was in my 20's I had to worry about money. When I was in my 30's I had small children and didn't have the time or the energy to have lots of people around. But in the last 10 years I've learned not to worry so much about formal gatherings, matching tablecloths, appropriate centerpieces, etc.

Now I just try to have my home open. A place my nearest and dearest can stop by at any time and be welcomed. I try to have stuff to eat and drink on hand for such occasions. But if I don't, I don't freak out and worry. I remind myself that the people are what makes the moment special, not food you serve.

In any case I really enjoy the spontaneous gatherings to catch up on events and happenings in their lives or just to watch a movie together. I feel lucky to able to look back on a dream that was just an abstract thought in my youth and know that it is a reality in my life today.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sad News

Life at work has not been wonderful lately. In fact, I've been pretty close to quitting more than once the past month alone. Today is my mother's birthday. A mother I miss very much since her death 18 months ago.

So after a crap day at work, which was amplified by my blues about Mom, I was pretty fried by the time I was dragging myself home after picking up my son from school. I wanted nothing more than to check my email and veg before the whole evening routine began.

What do I find when I log on to my computer? AOL News that Dana Reeve, widow of actor Christopher Reeve, released a statement today that she has lung cancer. She decided to do the press release when she found out a tabloid was going to break the story. My thoughts and prayers go out to them. I feel so bad for her 13 year old son Will who has already been through so much.

After that I click on over to KarenS' blog and take a link ride to
PBW and read about the tragedy in her life. This is an author that I frequently read (PBW) and her story about her son is nothing short of tragic.

Sure puts my sack of rocks in perspective.

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Monday, August 08, 2005


I'm a huge Susan Elizabeth Phillips fan. I've been reading her books for years and have really enjoyed their good fun and humor.

Tomorrow her latest will be out, MATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Of course the down side of really looking forward to a book is that you'll be flattened like a pancake with disappointment if the author is unable to deliver a book that meets the sometimes ridiculous expectations of her loyal readership...in this case...ME!

Hey, I don't see where it is any different than the people who dress up and wait in line for days (or weeks) for a Star Wars movie. Sheesh!


Sunday, August 07, 2005

An End to an Era

Tonight while doing one more cruise through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching on TV, I stopped at ABC when I noticed they were doing a retrospective on Peter Jennings. I realized at once that it was a tribute and that Mr. Jennings had died.

For us baby boomers it is an end of an era. The face of news has been changing rapidly in the last decade with more news accessible on so many cable networks, 24/7, around the world and on the internet. For those of us who began with Walter Cronkite and the Huntley-Brinkley Report, we grew up relying on our news anchors to set us straight and tell us the facts about whatever was going on in the world. Audiences did, and were encouraged, to make a personal connection with the news program and news anchor.

These early news broadcasts eventually evolved into younger, hipper, more sophisticated and better looking news anchors Rather, Brokaw and Jennings. The news may have gained an element of entertainment, but for more than 2 decades these three men were the news for many of us.

With the retirement of Brokaw and Rather in November 2004 and March 2005 respectively, the lone anchor and elder statesman was Peter Jennings. It was just April of this year that he announced he would be away battling lung cancer.

So the face of our network news here in the U.S. has changed completely in the last 8 months. Whatever your opinion on the news and new anchors, Peter Jennings worked for the same company, ABC, for 40 years...remarkable for any industry let alone the cut throat world of network news. God speed Mr. Jennings.

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Ah....much better!

Yippee, skippy doo-dah day! I finally have this blog page looking close to what I want it to. Can't believe it is back to work tomorrow. The weekend, as usual, flew by.

Finished a couple of books. CHILL OF FEAR by Kay Hooper. I usually love her psychic/paranormal books, but this one was kind of flat for me. No intensity. Besides, considering what they were up against I should have been on the edge of my seat...I wasn't.

Also read the Susan Johnson and Jasmine Hayes anthology. It was only so-so as well. I even started reading the Susan Johnson story in the book store and kind of got hooked, although the book passed the time, it wasn't great.

I can hardly wait for MATCH ME IF YOU CAN by Susan Elizabeth Phillips comes out this week! Also Sarah McCarty should have a new release out before the month's end.

So many books, so little time!

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Oy the Pain!

So last night after working for about 3 hours to customize a blog for myself. You know truly make it my own? I went back to clean things up a bit and actually deleted the whole thing...even my previous posts! All THREE of them. : )

You live. You learn.